Synonyms for rebooted or Related words with rebooted

booted              reboots              reboot              rebooting              reinitialized              restarted              reestablished              reconnected              awakened              reactivated              aborted              uninstalled              reloaded              retried              resynchronized              quiesced              invalidated              reinitialize              paused              woken              restart              stalled              hibernation              booting              checkpointed              debugged              restarting              resumed              malfunctioned              undone              halted              recalibrated              idled              reinitiated              resent              restored              reinitializing              revoked              reconnect              deallocated              transitioned              hibernate              reacquired              tripped              forgotten              preempted              synced              initialised              unreachable              recompiled             

Examples of "rebooted"
"Rebooted" disappointed fans, with many complaining about Charles' replacement as voiceover. Challenge reportedly received more negative comments about "Rebooted", on their social media accounts, than any other show in the channel's history, with the series never once reaching its weekly top ten ratings. The original episodes returned to Challenge after 'Rebooted' ended its run. In contrast to the newly produced series, these entered the weekly top ten rating shows almost instantly upon their return. "Rebooted" has since been repeated in off-peak timeslots.
Along with pizza, the rebooted location includes pasta and salads.
The series was rebooted with "Man of Steel" in 2013.
In 2016 Eads stars in CBS's rebooted version of the "MacGyver" television series.
Sheffield City Hall is the venue for the rebooted Dancing England on Saturday 18 February 2017.
The character does not exist in the rebooted concept of the Chipettes.
After configuring the registry the computer must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.
The computer must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.
In October 2012, a rebooted version of the comic was released that incorporated elements of cyberpunk.
Four more sequels followed, released in , , and before the series was rebooted in 2007.
In 2013, it was reported that the franchise was set to be rebooted.
In the rebooted Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy, Gordon is played by Gary Oldman.
In November 2014, it was reported that "Godkiller" would be rebooted as an animated feature film trilogy directed by Pizzolo.
The series "Supreme Power" features the rebooted version of the superhero team Squadron Supreme and is set on Earth-31916.
a number of hours before the router will automatically unlock, some even have to be rebooted which can make WPS
In November 2014, it was reported that "Godkiller" would be rebooted as an animated feature film trilogy directed by Pizzolo.
At Gamescom 2015, Square Enix accidentally revealed that a third game in the rebooted series was in development.
Ventura had a guest spot on an episode of the 2012 rebooted "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" animated series on Nickelodeon.
Infectious Lass also reappeared as a student in the Legion Cadet Program just before the Legion's continuity was rebooted again.
In Mark Waid's rebooted Legion, Inferno is a member of a group called the Wanderers, a "black ops" group of adult heroes who oppose the Legion because they won't take orders. The rebooted Inferno comes from Mercury, and has light green skin.