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In 1886 he replaced Charles Reboul Sacre as locomotive, wagon and carriage superintendent.
Marie-Thérèse Reboul (1728–1805) was a French painter of natural history, still lifes, and flowers.
Towards the end of June, the fuse was lit as Reboul joined the "corps franc Pommiès" with 200 men.
Jean Reboul (January 23, 1796 – May 28, 1864) was a French politician and poet of the Occitan language.
Jean-Baptiste Reboul gathered Provençal recipes in his book "La Cuisinière provençale"; the first edition in 1897 was an instant success. A copy of the sixth edition of 1910 was sent to the poet Frédéric Mistral, creator of Museon Arlaten, a museum of Provençal culture in Arles. He asked Reboul to add the names of Provençal dishes, which would be made in subsequent editions.
In 1942, the "Juge d'instruction" of Muret, André Reboul, along with other patriots, founded the group which in 1944 would become the Maquis de Rieumes.
Sanchai and Sonchat Ratiwatana won the title after defeating Sadio Doumbia and Fabien Reboul 7–6, 7–5 in the final.
The Grand Quayrat became the second climbed three thousander in 1789, ascended by physician Henri Reboul, leading an expedition from the barnes of Astau.
Capgras syndrome is named after Joseph Capgras (1873–1950), a French psychiatrist who first described the disorder in 1923 in his paper co-authored by Jean Reboul-Lachaux, on the case of a French woman, "Madame M.," who complained that corresponding "doubles" had taken the places of her husband and other people she knew. Capgras and Reboul-Lachaux first called the syndrome "l’illusion des sosies", which can be translated literally as "the illusion of look-alikes."
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Marius Reboul (born 12 April 1862 in La Roquebrussanne (Var) and died in 1926 in Marseille) was a French chef. He is known for his book compiling over 1,000 Provençal recipes and 365 menus.
Reboul was born in Nîmes. He was member of the French National Assembly. In 1836, Reboul's first poem "Poésies" was published with a preface by Alexandre Dumas and a letter from Alphonse de Lamartine.
Marie-Anne Elisabeth "Elise" la Flotte, or "de Flotte", née "Reboul" (1779, Smyrna - 25 March 1815, Paris), was a French Lady's companion, lady in waiting of the French Crown Princess of Sweden Désirée Clary, consort of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte.
Later, it was owned by the painter Jean-Baptiste van Loo (1684-1745), who had a studio there. It was subsequently purchased by Barthélemy-Louis Reboul, Secretary of the Académie des Sciences, Agriculture, Arts et Belles Lettres d'Aix.
Lithuanian government representatives (led by Ignas Jonynas) passed control of the city to resident Entente officials (led by French colonel Constantin Reboul). Żeligowski, however, refused to recognize their authority, and they were forced to leave the city.
Marocaster is an extinct genus of sea stars in the family Goniasteridae. It existed in what is now Morocco during the early Cretaceous period. It was described by Daniel B. Blake and Roland Reboul in 2011, and the type species is "M. coronatus".
Charles Reboul Sacré (4 September 1831 – 3 August 1889) was an English engineer, Engineer and Superintendent of the Locomotive and Stores Department of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. Samuel Waite Johnson was his assistant between 1859 and 1864. Sacre retired in 1886 and committed suicide by shooting himself, reputedly due to the Penistone rail crash of 1884.
The first patient with symptoms of Capgras syndrome, another delusional misidentification syndrome, was reported in 1923 by Joseph Capgras and Jean Reboul-Lachaux. This patient, however, also experienced the delusion of subjective doubles, but the appearance of doubles of the self were not addressed until Christodoulou's article in 1978.
In 1787, on the second of August, Jean-Joseph Vidal, an astronomer from Mirepoix, and the chemist Henri Reboul from Toulouse, who was studying the snowmass in the Pyrenees, made the first recorded ascent. They gave their names to the rocky ridge which extends from the crest of Turon towards Cap-de-Long Lake.
Eugène Reboul (1922 – 1937), M. Vicard (1936 – 1938), M. Cancade (1938 – 1947), M. Achard (1948), M. Folliet (1948 – 1955), M.Guilhot (1956 – 1962), M. Duprat (1963 – 1964), M. Thomas (1965 – 1969), M. Spagnol (1970 – 1974), M. Ayme (1974 – 1980), M. Vial (1981 – 2013), M. Léonard (since 2013).
Jean-Louis Nomicos spent his childhood in Allauch, a small village located between Aubagne and Aix-en-Provence. At the age of twelve, he became interested in Provençal cuisine looking at the book of Jean-Baptiste Reboul, bible of Provençal cuisine, that both of his grandmothers used to cook famous Mediterranean recipes.