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edidit              accedunt              typis              sumptibus              commentatio              aliorumque              berolini              observationibus              supersunt              necnon              archiepiscopi              eiusdem              scriptis              graecorum              philosophi              quibus              historiam              graeci              huius              alexandrini              oxonii              fratris              complectens              impensis              variarum              hujus              collegii              codicum              londini              operum              editum              duae              virorum              graecis              quibusdam              quaedam              aliisque              auctore              continens              monachi              bibliothecae              commentariis              dissertationes              poetarum              vulgo              maioris              potissimum              selectae              codicibus              emendata             

Examples of "recensuit"
First German edition: Paleaphati INCREDIBILIA Various Notis & doctrinis Moralibus recensuit M. Pavlvs Pater Hungarus. Francofurti ex officina Meyeriana. 1685
He also made contributions as an editor to "T. Macci Plauti Comoediae recensuit instrumento critico et prolegomenis" (comedies of Plautus) and the "Corpus glossariorum Latinorum".
In the winter of 1849 the first edition of his great work now titled "Novum Testamentum Graece. Ad antiquos testes recensuit. Apparatum criticum multis modis" appeared (translated as "Greek New Testament. The ancient witnesses reviewed. Preparations critical in many ways"), containing canons of criticism, adding examples of their application that are applicable to students today:
He was co-editor of a four volume work on the comedies of Plautus, titled "T. Macci Plauti Comoediae recensuit instrumento critico et prolegomenis". In 1901 he published an edition of Erwin Rohde's smaller works ("Kleine schriften"), and in 1902 with Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, he published "Friedrich Nietzsches briefwechsel mit Erwin Rohde" ("Friedrich Nietzsche's correspondence with Erwin Rohde"). Accordingly, this correspondence was also issued in "Friedrich Nietzsches Gesammelte Briefe" ("Friedrich Nietzsche's collected letters"; 5 volumes, 1902–09; co-authors: Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, Peter Gast and Curt Wachsmuth). The following list are some of Schöll's classical writings.
Research efforts were later also used to investigate measurement system in certain cultures or countries. Here it is appropriate to mention Hultsch, who published two monumental works, Griechische und römische Metrologie (1862) and Metrologicorum scriptorium reliquiae, collegit, recensuit, partim nunc primum edidit Fridericus Hultsch (1864/66). Other works by scholars worth mentioning, is by Aravaca y Torrent (Spain, 1867), Balbin (Argentina, 1881), Bogdán (Hungary, 1990), Charbonnier (France, 1990-2006), Cheng-lo (China, 1957), Connor and Simpson (Scotland, 2004), Donaldson (Oman, 1994), Falkman (Sweden, 1884/85), Ferrand (Portuguese Territories of Indian Ocean, 1920), Grönros et al. (Finland, 2003), Hinz (Islamic world, 1955), Pankhurst (Ethiopia, 1969/70), Petersen (Denmark, 2002), Rasmussen (Denmark, 1967), Шостьин (Russia, 1975), Skinner (Britain, 1967), Witthöft (Germany, 1979-1994), Wu (China, 1957), and Zupko (Britain, France and Italy, 1968–90).