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pseudemys              redbelly              dusky_salamander_desmognathus              dusky_salamander              slimy_salamander_plethodon              diadophis_punctatus              ringneck_snake              louisianensis              snake_heterodon              water_snake_nerodia              redbelly_snake              waterdog              cooter_pseudemys              hypentelium              alligator_lizard              logperch_percina              rangiana              screamer_chauna              eastern_hognose              map_turtle_graptemys              redback_salamander              myotis_septentrionalis              muriqui_brachyteles_arachnoides              chorus_frog_pseudacris              dekayi              brown_snake_storeria              slimy_salamander              caurinus              cricket_frog_acris              pocket_gopher              frog_lithobates              ring_necked_snake              studfish              virginianus              okaloosae              floridanus              riffleshell_epioblasma              crested_caracara              cheriway              speoplatyrhinus              pygmy_possum_cercartetus              subrubrum              crayfish_orconectes              flying_squirrel_glaucomys_sabrinus              couperi              diamondback_terrapin              blarina_brevicauda              blandingii              copperhead_agkistrodon_contortrix              salamander_desmognathus             

Examples of "red_bellied_cooter"
The Florida red-bellied cooter or Florida redbelly turtle ("Pseudemys nelsoni" ) is a species of turtle in the family "Emydidae".
Starting 2007 a turtle fence was constructed along part of the causeway to protect the Alabama red bellied cooter from traffic.
The Alabama red-bellied cooter ("Pseudemys alabamensis") or Alabama red-bellied turtle, is native to Alabama. It belongs to the Emydidae turtle family. It is the official reptile of the state of Alabama.
The Plymouth red-bellied turtle ("Pseudemys rubriventris bangsi"), sometimes called the Plymouth red-bellied cooter, the first freshwater turtle in the US to be listed as endangered, by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service was found only in Plymouth County, Massachusetts before the state began trying to establish populations in other areas. Current thinking is that they are not a full subspecies and that they belong in synonymy under "Pseudemys rubriventris" or northern red-bellied cooter. Nevertheless, it is well recognized that the Plymouth red-bellied turtle extends the range of the northern red-bellied cooter by 30–40 percent. In 1983, Massasoit National Wildlife Refuge was established to help conserve the Plymouth red-bellied turtle.
The aquatic life in the Atlantic Northeast is quite extensive but the more common animals that are found in the area tend to be American eel (Anguilla rostrata), Appalachian Monkeyface (Pearlymussel) (Quadrula sparsa), Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Diamond darter (Crystallaria cincotta), Dwarf wedgemussel (Alasmidonta heterodon), Horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus), Kenk's amphipod (Stygobromus kenki), Lee County cave isopod (Lirceus usdagalun), Madison cave isopod (Antrolana lira), Maryland darter (Etheostoma Sellare), Northern red-bellied cooter (Pseudemys rubriventris), Purple bean (Villosa perpurpurea), Roanoke logperch (Percina rex).
Several sea turtles live along the Atlantic coast, including the hawksbill sea turtle, Kemp's ridley sea turtle, and loggerhead sea turtle. The green sea turtle and leatherback sea turtle are more common species along the southeastern coastline. Land turtles and tortoises found throughout most of the Eastern United States are the common snapping turtle, painted turtle, spotted turtle, diamondback terrapin, spiny softshell turtle, eastern mud turtle, northern red-bellied cooter, common musk turtle, eastern box turtle, and the yellow- and red-eared slider. While common species in the northeast include Blanding's turtle, wood turtle, and bog turtle, common species in the southeastern U.S. include gopher tortoise, pond slider, Escambia map turtle, Barbour's map turtle, eastern river cooter, striped mud turtle, loggerhead musk turtle, and the Florida softshell turtle. The smooth softshell turtle is for instance found in the Ohio River and the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania.