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fieldfare_turdus_pilaris              fieldfare_turdus_pilaris_redwing              thrush_turdus_viscivorus              dusky_thrush_turdus_naumanni              turdus_iliacus_song              eyebrowed_thrush_turdus_obscurus              thrush_turdus_philomelos_mistle              ring_ouzel_turdus_torquatus              white_throated_sparrow              turdus_naumanni              eurasian_blackbird_turdus_merula              dark_throated_thrush              mistle_thrush_turdus_viscivorus              turdus_ruficollis_dusky_thrush              zonotrichia_albicollis              dunnock_prunella_modularis              turdus_ruficollis_fieldfare_turdus              zonotrichia_albicollis_harris              blackbird_turdus_merula              corn_bunting              robin_erithacus_rubecula              merula_fieldfare              sparrow_melospiza_georgiana              fox_sparrow_passerella              common_redpoll_acanthis_flammea              cinclus_cinclus              turdus_iliacus              turdus_naumanni_fieldfare_turdus              swainson_thrush_catharus_ustulatus              eurasian_siskin_spinus_spinus              miliaria_calandra              hermit_thrush_catharus_guttatus              sparrow_ammodramus_nelsoni              goldfinch_carduelis_carduelis              squatarola              ammodramus_leconteii_nelson              very_rare_lros              charadrius_dubius              caspian_plover_charadrius_asiaticus              seaside_sparrow_ammodramus_maritimus              sterna_acuticauda              pilaris_redwing_turdus_iliacus              clangula_smew_mergellus_albellus              anthus_hodgsoni_pechora_pipit              fulicarius              wood_thrush_hylocichla              thrush_turdus_viscivorus_cisticolas              veery_catharus_fuscescens              trivialis_olive_backed_pipit              charadrius_leschenaultii             

Examples of "redwing_turdus_iliacus"
Redwing ("Turdus iliacus") is a type of bird in the thrush family.
Long Tailed Tit "(Aegithalos caudatus)", Bullfinch "(Pyrrhula pyrrhula)" and Redwing "(Turdus iliacus)" recorded as well
The redwing ("Turdus iliacus") is a bird in the thrush family, Turdidae, native to Europe and Asia, slightly smaller than the related song thrush.
Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is situated on the border of the subzone of European taiga with admixture of broad-leaved species and of subzone of broad-leaved forests of western type. Owing to this phenomenon among birds in the reserve, there are species from taiga faunistic complex and species from faunistic complex of broad-leaved forests of western type. Typical representatives of taiga faunistic complex are: western capercaillie Tetrao urogallus L., hazel grouse Tetrastes bonasia L., black woodpecker Dryocopus martius L., golcrest Regulus regulus (L.), fieldfare Turdus pilaris L., mistle thrush Turdus viscivorus L., redwing Turdus iliacus L., siskin ( Spinus spinus (L.), red crossbill Loxia curvirostra L., bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula (L.).
Declared a Local Nature Reserve in 2006 by Sandy Town Council and designated an 'Urban Fringe' site, The Riddy is a species rich habitat, being described by the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire as "an oasis of wild flowers, bird song and a wonderful view among a sea of arable fields". In the meadows many different grasses and other plants grow, such as cuckoo flower ("Cardamine pratensis"). The pond, stream and ditches support aquatic plants, such as arrowhead ("Sagittaria sagittifolia"), celery-leaved buttercup ("Ranunculus sceleratus"), purple-loosestrife ("Lythrum salicaria"), water-plantain ("Alisma plantago-aquatica") and duckweed. Chub ("Squalius cephalus") and carp can both be found in the stream, along with the nationally protected water vole ("Arvicola amphibius"). Numerous birds frequent The Riddy, some which feed in the meadows including redwing ("Turdus iliacus"), fieldfare ("Turdus pilaris") and northern lapwing ("Vanellus vanellus"), whilst sparrowhawks ("Accipiter nisus") have been observed "patrolling" the mature hedgerows. Grey herons ("Ardea cinerea") and common terns ("Sterna hirundo") hunt fish, and in the autumn, song thrushes ("Turdus philomelos") can be seen at the reserve. Grey wagtail ("Motacilla cinerea") and kingfisher ("Alcedo atthis") have also been recorded on the reserve.
Grey heron ("Ardea cinerea"), white stork ("Ciconia ciconia"), garganey ("Anas querquedula"), tufted duck ("Aythya fuligula"), red kite ("Milvus milvus"), hen harrier ("Circus cyaneus"), Eurasian sparrowhawk ("Accipiter nisus"), goshawk ("Accipiter gentilis"), European honey buzzard ("Pernis apivorus"), buzzard ("Buteo buteo"), hobby ("Falco subbuteo"), lapwing ("Vanellus vanellus"), curlew ("Numenius arquata"), green sandpiper ("Tringa ochropus"), Eurasian woodcock ("Scolopax rusticola"), common snipe ("Gallinago gallinago"), collared dove ("Streptopelia decaocto"), cuckoo ("Cuculus canorus"), long-eared owl ("Asio otus"), tawny owl ("Strix aluco"), common swift ("Apus apus"), hoopoe ("Upupa epops"), grey-headed woodpecker ("Picus canus"), European green woodpecker ("Picus viridis"), barn swallow ("Hirundo rustica"), house martin ("Delichon urbica"), tree pipit ("Anthus trivialis"), dunnock ("Prunella modularis"), redstart ("Phoenicurus phoenicurus"), wheatear ("Oenanthe oenanthe"), redwing ("Turdus iliacus"), mistle thrush ("Turdus viscivorus"), sedge warbler ("Acrocephalus schoenobaenus"), aquatic warbler ("Acrocephalus paludicola"), reed warbler ("Acrocephalus scirpaceus"), icterine warbler ("Hippolais icterina"), lesser whitethroat ("Sylvia curruca"), whitethroat ("Sylvia communis"), wood warbler ("Phylloscopus sibilatrix"), pied flycatcher ("Ficedula hypoleuca"), collared flycatcher ("Ficedula albicollis"), crested tit ("Lophophanes cristatus"), long-tailed tit ("Aegithalos caudatus"), red-backed shrike ("Lanius collurio"), jackdaw ("Corvus monedula"), common raven ("Corvus corax"), brambling ("Fringilla montifringilla"), hawfinch ("Coccothraustes coccothraustes"), serin ("Serinus serinus"), siskin ("Carduelis spinus"), bullfinch ("Pyrrhula pyrrhula"), linnet ("Carduelis cannabina"), common rosefinch ("Carpodacus erythrinus") and common crossbill ("Loxia curvirostra").