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Examples of "refix"
There are two remixes of "Jaan Atki", an R&B Remix (also known as Jaan Atki MM Refix) featuring the band Mr. Meanor and a Bangla Refix featuring Nish. The Bangla Refix features Nish with the original Punjabi lyrics sung in Bengali/Sylheti. It became the first Bengali track to become number 1 in an official iTunes chart. The MM Refix is a remix featuring R&B group Mr Meanor, which was released exclusively on SoundCloud.
Hani King then released "No More" which was written, recorded, and shot in the past but released right after "SevenSeas Saat Samandar Refix".
After the single became popular in Jamaica, dancehall artist Bounty Killer recorded a remix of the song with Kardinal, known as "BaKardi Slang Refix". The song appeared on Bounty Killer's 2002 album "Ghetto Dictionary: The Mystery".
Instead of using the term remix, Chew Fu coined the term "refix" because he says that his "remixes are like a completely new productions." When DJ-ing Chew Fu only plays his own original productions and refixes.
In 2012, King released the track "Do It", and in 2015, he released the refix "Saat Samandar" (Seven Seas) as his "comeback" track, described as "a Bollywood classic which the multi-faceted artist Hani has blown up with a Refix by adding his unique Urban and Hip Hop element". The video was filmed in France (Paris) and London, with Middle Eastern designer "Hibayaat" being chosen as the stylist and wardrobe specialists, and the lyrics of the video "were inspired by Hani's life journey that he has experienced in order to pursue his dreams that will move and inspire" the viewer.
On where his name came from, "My crew came up with it when I was producing tracks for Bad Boy Records to describe my production process and style. Chew Fu is the sound made during and after I’ve consumed a track and spit out a hot refix."
Subsequently she released several mixtapes namely; "Oya", "Heaven", "Hate Me", "Open Up Your Heart", "F.U.M.F", "Do What You Want" and "Freaks" (refix). In 2014, she released yet another single, "Show", produced by singer and producer Tekno Miles. Later in 2014, she released "Prokoto", a congolese word that means "Swagger. She featured Tanzanian artists, Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz.
"Diamond Jewel" is the second single from Mumzy Stranger in 2016. There are three remixes of "Diamond Jewel", a Rishi Rich Remix featuring Yash, a Bangla Refix featuring Nish and a LYAN remix. The record was composed and produced by London-based producer Lyan Roze. The official video was presented by Diamond Jewels Bespoke. The single was released on 21 July 2016 and the remixes on 30 September 2016.
Alex Needham of "NME" praised the Ed Case Refix, stating that it "hauls [the track] down the dancefloor of Twice As Nice, where all the disparate elements fall into place and the jarring culture clash suddenly makes perfect sense. A little shift in perspective and, suddenly, you've got a west London Basement Jaxx, embodying a more interesting - and accurate - vision of England than anything Blur (Albarn's other project) have dared to attempt."
The album yielded two singles: "Drain Cosmetics" in June 2006, and "Sapphire Eyes" in October 2006. "Beehiver II" is an alternative version of the song "Beehiver," first released on the band's 2002 EP "Fixxations". An alternate version of "Sapphire Eyes," subtitled "Serena-Maneesh Refix", was released as a digital single, as a B-side on the "Drain Cosmetics" single, and on the split single with American band Blood on the Wall.
Prior to the mid-1950s the Canadian National Railway owned railway track adjacent to Woodward Ave. When the ground sank, the builders had to refix it with cement, rocks and gravel. This was between Pembina Hwy. and Cambridge St. This track was later declared surplus and sold to the City. The tracks were removed, the ground was redone, the street expanded to include a service road and renamed Grant Ave.
After Scrufizzer released "Oh No (Dun Kno Already Remix)", a refix of the So Solid Crew track inspired by East London MC Ghetts' 2016 single "You Dun Know Already", Ghetts took offence at the lack of credit given to him for the creative vision. On "You Dun Know Already (Remix)", Ghetts' verse served as a diss track directed at Scrufizzer. Scrufizzer responded to this with the track "I Don't Believe You (Megaman Hat)", claiming that he gave Ghetts due credit but would be willing to clash. Ghetts, however, dismissed the beef at this point.
In May 2016, he featured in a "Bangla Refix" of Mumzy Stranger's song, Jaan Atki. He released his first solo cover "Where Do We Go From Here", an English-Bengali fusion cover of Arijit Singh's Bengali song "Ke Tui Bol" from the movie "Herogiri". He has also covered Bollywood songs such as "Sawan Aaya Hai/Ami Ei Jibone" and "Main Dhoondne" as well as English songs such as "What Do You Mean?". In late 2016, he released a Bengali remix of Bilal Saeed's, "Teri Khair Mangdi". He also made a track alongside Kade and Snowy in the BBC Asian Network.
The régiment du Tonkin became a saharian unit and came back to the region of Geryville. With a rare adversary presence, the bâtisseur function of the regiment was put in place. In May 1961, a new operational phase commenced along the barrage to refix, protecting the electro-mechanical, clear the barbed wire networds from the snow, and regulate instances of fire. Legionnaires became familiar with these types of environments. At Christmas, the regiment made way north along with the frontier of Morocco. From that period, the regiment only ensured a mission of surveillance.
Beyond the scope of his work at events and clubs, Mic is also a recognised and talented mixtape DJ, with recent releases including his unique Shutdown riddim release in collaboration with Yellow Moon Records which pioneered a new way of Ghanaian DJs collaborating with artists. The riddim featured 12 individual tracks from the following Ghanaian artists: [[BET|BET Best International Act Africa 2015]] winner: [[Stonebwoy]], [[MzVee]], AK Songstress, Choir Master, Vybrant Faya, Eye Judah, Trigmatic, Mr. Eazi, Episode, Shatta Rako, Aphecktion and Mighty Faya. 2015 pre birthday release- ‘Rushing’- featuring [[Kwaw Kese]], ‘We Just Landed’ featuring [[EL (rapper)|EL]], C-real, Stargo, Gemini and Joey B, ‘I no Get Time’ featuring Manifest, American Passport refix ft E.L. and one of his earliest mixtape releases called the ‘Da reminda’ featuring E.L and Scientific. The latter obtained an award for best mixtape DJ 2012 at the Ghana DJ awards 2013.
Nishat Monsur (; born 28 November), better known by his stage name Nish, is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist of Bangladeshi descent. He made his official debut in a Bengali refix of Mumzy Stranger's original song, "Jaan Atki" which became the first Bengali track to reach no. 1 in the iTunes World Charts. He is an urban Asian artist well known for his ability to provide a contemporary twist to popular music. He has also released a number of his own songs, written and composed from scratch. His diverse music is highly regarded and ranges in style as well as language. Often referred to as a pioneer of modern British Bengali music, Monsur's repertoire has been constantly evolving as a result of his enthusiasm for music from a young age. In addition to performing to capacity audiences and creating much-loved musical content, he has collaborated with major musical icons across the United Kingdom.
During a concert at Boston College, Fiasco played the chorus of a song called "Shining Down", which eventually led to a snippet being leaked onto the internet. On May 17, 2009, a low quality version of the single leaked onto the internet, possibly stemming from a rip from the "FNF TV Stream". "Shining Down" was intended to be the first single from "Everywhere", the first of the three CDs that "LupE.N.D." would have been composed of. But because its release was withheld, there was speculation circulating that it may be the first single from "Lasers". Fiasco later confirmed that it is in fact the first single from the album. The song was produced by Soundtrakk and featured Matthew Santos, in the same collaborative manner that Fiasco featured Santos on his hit lead single, "Superstar" from his second album, "Lupe Fiasco's The Cool". It was released on July 7, 2009. The song had received mixed reviews, with Pitchfork Media giving it a 5/10 rating, calling it a "bland refix of "The Cool"'s first single". "Shining Down" did not do as well as Fiasco had hoped for, charting only at number 93 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 during its initial run.
The single released was accompanied by a completely new version of the song, called the "Soulchild Remix", which was produced by music producers Damien Mendis and Stuart Bradbury. Mendis was asked to remix a track off the album in the hope that it would give it crossover potential, in the same way as the Ed Case remix of "Clint Eastwood" had. Mendis was given a copy of all their demos and finished tracks for the album, being told to "pick [a song] that you can produce, remix or whatever into a hit single". Mendis was unsure which track to choose, and only when he was told that Jamie Hewlett was already working on the video for "19-2000", did he make his decision. The remix appears to utilise the drums from "Sing a Simple Song" by Sly and the Family Stone. The remix is basically a faster, more upbeat version of the song, but with re-recorded vocals as opposed to the speeded-up vocals of "Clint Eastwood: Ed Case Refix". The remix appears as a bonus track on the original version of the album, as well as being the first track on "G Sides". From 2002, this version replaced the original version on radio stations. Another version of the song, entitled the "Gorillaz on My Mind Remix", features US rapper Redman, and appears on the soundtrack of "Blade II".
Founded in 1923, the founder members were Art O’Driscoll, Tadgh Casey, Padraigh OhAodha, Liam Malone, Joe Crossan, J.Lennon, Harry McHugh, Tom Mchugh, Colm O’Sullivan, Harry Carrick, Dennis O’Sullivan, Paddy McCarthy and Seamus Murphy and the three O’Braonain brothers among their founding members, Seamus, Chriostoir and Sean. The first hurling practice took place in October at the former British Army Polo grounds on the Navan Road. The Club played its first match in the Dublin Junior hurling league on 19 May 1924 against Pioneers, losing by two goals. In 1926 the club won its first league title and its first championship having gone the season unbeaten. In 1929 the club won the Intermediate league and in 1934, an Under 21 league. In 1935 Service won the Corn Ceitin. There path to victory was somewhat unusual however. The club had received a walk over in the semi final from Crokes, and as a result were to play Banba in the final which they did ending in a draw. In the meantime Crokes persuaded the board to refix their semi final and so Service were now forced to play Crokes who they beat. The replay against Banba took place which the club won.