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podosfairiki              enigea              divljak              unguresc              hlinaia              poslanica              pistiana              kleinkopisch              bosanskog              plagiari              pentapoli              palauzov              traboin              poljani              szafranki              bukvik              orlja              ilino              rudovci              mirkovac              chekhovo              parunovac              stejarul              mihajlovac              dragobitia              gimino              haluzice              sefkerin              lagyna              chatzivasileiou              nerestce              ivanjski              korsakas              parnica              nosievici              prisjan              ampelaki              javnih              montenigrinus              eratyra              boroseni              planinica              kolonza              thirumadal              lesvios              lopatnic              rakovo              ljuta              myslkovice              vrbovno             

Examples of "regep"
However, according to historian Zachary T. Irwin, the degree to which the Muslim community was repressed and dispersed was lower in Romania than in other countries of Eastern Europe, and the measures were less severe than, for instance, those taken against Romanian Roman Catholics and Protestants. The state sponsored an edition of the "Qur'an", and top clerics such as Mufti Iacub Mehmet and Bucharest "Imam" Regep Sali, represented the community in the Great National Assembly during Nicolae Ceaușescu's years in office. In the 1980s, a delegation of Romanian Muslims visited Iran after the Islamic Revolution succeeded in that country. They also adhered to international bodies sponsored by Libya and Saudi Arabia. These gestures, according to Irwin, brought only a few objections from the regime.