Synonyms for regianum or Related words with regianum

teiului              gornate              veseud              laskowo              stejarul              orlja              berghin              strangolagalli              zernest              marinkovac              lipovice              sokolec              presaca              koznica              sanfront              seiburg              hoghiz              dignano              galiny              dubravice              bresje              flaibano              nociglia              popii              olanu              tsibar              casalbuono              chienis              cindrelului              skobalj              tornolo              vranovina              bukovik              racova              telechia              kamnitz              grimacco              orlovice              patokryje              bagiennorum              blhovce              isera              unguresc              orubica              alexandrovca              semiana              porumbeni              arnissa              paralovo              senjski             

Examples of "regianum"
The peak is named after the ancient Roman fortress of Regianum in Northwestern Bulgaria.
Regianum Peak (, ‘Vrah Regianum’ \'vr&h re-gi-'a-num\) is the mostly ice-covered peak of elevation 900 m in the northeast part of Stribog Mountains on Brabant Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It surmounts Paré Glacier to the north and Laënnec Glacier to the south, and has its northern foothills connected to Stavertsi Ridge to the northeast by Viamata Saddle.
Viamata Saddle is locted at , which is 6.53 km south-southeast of Virchow Hill, 3.35 km southwest of Mount Cabeza, 7.67 km west-northwest of Petroff Point and 1 km north-northeast of Regianum Peak. British mapping in 1980 and 2008.
Regianum Peak is located at , which is 2.27 km east by north of Blesna Peak, 4.25 km southwest of Mount Cabeza, 7.7 km west-northwest of Petroff Point and 5.9 km north-northwest of Opizo Peak. British mapping in 1980 and 2008.
The earliest official data show that Kozloduy was populated in the 16th century. It is in the burial mounds where traces of a Thracian dwelling center that existed in the first millennium BC remain. Later on the big Roman roadway along the Danube passed through these places. The remains of the Roman castella (i.e. castles) Magura piatra (or "Regianum"), Camistrum and Augusta testify to this.