Synonyms for remained_largely_unchanged or Related words with remained_largely_unchanged

remained_essentially_unchanged              remained_virtually_unchanged              remained_unchanged              remained_largely_unaltered              grown_tremendously              lain_dormant              risen_sharply              grown_exponentially              fluctuated              risen_steadily              largely_unchanged              undergone_drastic              undergone              shrunk_considerably              virtually_unchanged              radically_altered              outgrown              shrunk              stagnated              largely_unaltered              drastically_altered              undergone_gentrification              essentially_unchanged              changed              quadrupled              grown_organically              disappeared              reverted              arisen              unchanged              been              unaltered              suffixed_routes_ny              evolved              diverged              persisted              lagged_behind              modernised              huntingdon_huntingdonshire_district              stabilised              deviated              lain              elapsed              retained              reshaped              marginalia_description              plenary_winery_license              proved_unworkable              languished              existed             

Examples of "remained_largely_unchanged"
During its production, the MT-01 remained largely unchanged.
This format remained largely unchanged throughout its entire run.
The lyrics originally published in 1805 have remained largely unchanged.
The class structure remained largely unchanged from 2014.
The class structure remained largely unchanged from 2016.
Since the building was renovated in the 1920s it has remained largely unchanged.
Apart from minor additional lanes and modifications, the highway has remained largely unchanged since.
The building stands to this day, and has remained largely unchanged since its erection.
The key arrangements found in this period have remained largely unchanged since.
CSA arrears accumulated since 1993 totals just under £3.8bn. This total remained largely unchanged between 2008 and 2011.
The 2012 federal redistribution saw the riding gain a small portion from Ottawa Centre, but it remained largely unchanged.
Although the threat from Iraq was replaced by the War on Terror, forces structure has remained largely unchanged since 2000.
It remained largely unchanged, although it lost the parishes of Biggin and Little Fenton to Tadcaster Rural District in the 1930s.
Chrishall's population has remained largely unchanged over the last 170 years. In 1841 it totalled 518 and today about 450 people live in the village.
The district boundaries remained largely unchanged between 1959 and 1993. In 1993, the part of Nanshi east of the Huangpu River was merged into the Pudong New District.
In 1988, the Shadow introduced an 800 powered model. Dubbed the "VT800C", this bike remained largely unchanged except for the amount of forward gears moved down to four.
U.S. Route 171 (US 171) is a north–south United States highway. This short route, entirely within western Louisiana, has remained largely unchanged from its original 1926 route.
While the portion of US 50 in Garrett County has remained largely unchanged, the eastern portion has changed significantly since the route was established in 1926.
Among other changes, the 2006 model had twin underseat exhausts which contributed to a increase in dry weight. The engine remained largely unchanged.
These two specific demographics, race and nationality, have remained largely unchanged over the last 20 years. A comparison of 2000 and 2010 census shows a 1% difference.