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parios              hatzigiannis              stavento              mazonakis              rokkos              voskopoulos              onirama              melisses              tolis              theodoridou              evridiki              vandi              kazantzidis              protopsalti              theiopoulos              tamta              mitropanos              sfakianakis              aslanidou              kokkinou              apopse              sakis              korgialas              mimis              olympiou              dionisis              kouinelis              vissi              eleftheria              kourkoulis              chrispa              tsitsanis              agapo              martakis              arvanitaki              despina              karvelas              kalimera              alkistis              hadjinasios              rouvas              erotas              savvidakis              plessas              giorkas              terzis              einai              tsotou              stigmi              kintatos             

Examples of "remos"
The Remos G3 Mirage and Remos GX are German high wing, two seat, single engine light aircraft, built by Remos AG of Pasewalk. The aircraft is supplied as a kit for amateur construction or complete and ready-to-fly.
Antonis Remos celebrated his 10 years in discography by releasing a triple "Best Of" album with Sony BMG Greece which went platinum. In summer 2007, Remos did a tour around Greece, giving 25 sold-out concerts for the first time after 10 years. He had with him a new band from Thessaloniki named "Onirama". Antonis Remos and Onirama met in MAD TV's secret concert that was given in February and from that night, a new album was released. Hit songs of Antonis Remos were "retouched" by Onirama, gaining gold status under the title ""Antonis Remos in Concert feat. Onirama"".
Some of the shows hosted at the Athens Arena are: Marinella & Antonis Remos - "Ta Logia Einai Peritta" (2006), Marinella & Antonis Remos - "S' Ena Tango" (2007), Antonis Remos - "Day+Night" (2008), Anna Vissi - "The Fabulous Show" (2009), Anna Vissi & Sakis Rouvas - "Face2Face Show" (2010).
On 16 March, Antonis Remos began his first European tour in Brussels, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, the Stockholm, London, Istanbul, Belgrade, Tel Aviv. Later this summer Remos along with Emigre gave concerts throughout Greece.
On February 21, 2007, Onirama collaborated with Antonis Remos for the 4th MAD Secret Concert. At the concert, they sang many English hits, and fans nicknamed the collaboration "OniRemos". In summer 2007, Onirama and Antonis Remos toured Greece together.
San Anemos (English: like wind) is an album by Antonis Remos from 2005 which "sold platinum".
Mia Anapnoi (One Breath) is an album by Antonis Remos released in 2003 which sold platinum.
Antonis Remos (, ) (born Antonios Paschalidis; ; 19 June 1970), is a Greek singer.
Pali Ap'Tin Arhi (English: Again from the beginning) is an album by Antonis Remos from 1999 which "sold platinum".
Kairos Na Pame Parakato is a Greek language album by Antonis Remos from 1998 which "sold platinum."
The third single off the album. For a video, Remos' appearance of MAD Video Music Awards 2011 was used.
In 2009 Antonis Remos presented in Athens the biggest and most impressive Live Show that Greeks have ever seen. Titled "Night and Day" in Athens Arena, Antonis Remos introduced a different kind of entertainment. The show was on for more than 5 months and it was a sold out every day, coming up to at least 350.000 people have visited.
Antonis Remos is the first album by popular Greek artist Antonis Remos released in 1996 by Sony Music Greece and AKTI. The album went Platinum in Greece. The song "Ti imouna gia sena" is the most popular and was written by Phoebus.
On 10 July 2007 Iraklis' administration building was set on fire by supporters in an attempt to express their discontent for the cancellation of the club's takeover from Antonis Remos. A few days later a deal was reached and Remos took over Iraklis. In the summer of 2010, Ioannis Takis took charge as the new chairman.
Vissi appeared on a similar-purposed concert in the city of Larnaka on 27 May, singing among other artists in front of an audience of 30,000 people, singing Dodeka, To Yiasemi, Tillirkotissa and Ta Rialia (Cypriot traditional songs), Den Ine Psema and Antonis Remos' Dio Psemata. During that concert Vissi and Antonis Remos announced their plans to star together next winter in Athens.
Marinella & Antonis Remos – Live is the name of a live album by Greek singers Marinella and Antonis Remos. It is their first joint live album, was recorded at the Athens Arena and was released in December, 2007 by Sony BMG Greece and Minos EMI. The album went Platinum selling over 30,000 units.
During winter 2001, Antonis Remos performed live next to Giannis Parios. A CD single was also released in 2001. In spring 2002 Remos released the new album "Kardia Mou Min Anisiheis" ("Don't worry, my love"). Its songs were written by Giorgos Theofanous. The album gained triple platinum status, becoming one of the most-popular albums through the years.
He released a live recording of the appearances next to the 5 big composers. The album gained double platinum status. Later that winter Antonis Remos appeared live with George Dalaras, in the brand-new "Athens Arena". After the discovery of a scandal, Antonis Remos was forced to serve his army obligations. Because of his age, he served only for forty days.
Antonis Remos was one of the first singers to be rumored as a coach. He was officially confirmed as a coach by ANT1 on December 5, 2013. He was firstly reported as a coach in September 2013 along with Anna Vissi with whom he has cooperated for their appearance in the musical "Ena I Kanena" since December. Remos accepted the proposition and signed a contract with the channel in November, although Vissi turned down the proposition. The teasers of the coaches were revealed on January 4, 2014 where the coaches were talked about the show with Remos saying that he will search to discover the "truth of the voice".
During the 1990s and 2000s he worked as a composer with popular singers such as Keti Garbi, Antonis Remos, Natassa Theodoridou, Giannis Ploutarhos and others.