Synonyms for requelme or Related words with requelme

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Examples of "requelme"
On 22 September 2014, three men were arrested in a police raid related to the incident. The suspects identified as Juan Flores Riquelme, Guillermo Durán Méndez and Nataly Casanova Muñoz. According to the authorities gunpowder and other bomb making materials were found in the suspects' homes, with Requelme being the mastermind behind the organisation. The suspects were officially charged with the crime on September 23. Despite the evidence presented by the authorities, the suspects denied any involvement in the incident.
On early August 2008, he was sent to Uruguay to participate in some tests with Peñarol, which he failed but he was able to stay in the country to play for Rentistas team which competed in the Uruguayan Segunda División. He made his debut on 13 September against local rivals Cerrito, match which his team lost 2-1, but he was able to save a penalty shot by Richard Requelme and was named man of the match. Later, in the third round of the tournament, he saved again a penalty now against Boston River.