Synonyms for residui or Related words with residui

fideicommissum              inviolably              actio              conductio              ferendae              dolus              mortmain              eventualis              provocatio              praemunire              fideicommissary              indebitatus              iniuriarum              detinue              captivabimus              calumnia              iniuriandi              sacrosanctity              asportation              certae              authentica              inviolable              locatio              privatum              curiata              querela              replevin              auctoritas              rogatio              rebuttable              subinfeudation              hellenotamiai              tribunicia              ferdinandei              sententiae              iniuria              neminem              falcidia              parens              confusio              plurimos              provisors              immovables              ecclasiastical              amercements              assumpsit              aquiliae              laches              oppianicus              impleaded             

Examples of "residui"
In addition to the ordinary form of fideicommissum described above, two peculiar forms are recognized by the law, a fideicommissum residui and a fideicommissum purum.
In the case of a fideicommissum residui, security for a quarter only of the property need be given. In the case of immovable property, it is the duty of the executor to have the terms of the fideicommissary disposition registered or endorsed against the title deeds of the property, and consequently there is probably no necessity for security to be given.
The "fideicommissum residui" is a form of fideicommissum which constitutes an exception to the general rule that the fiduciary may not alienate the fideicommissary property. It is a fideicommissum of the residue or balance of the property left at the death of the fiduciary. Property is bequeathed to a fiduciary on condition that, on his or her death, whatever is left of the property is to go to another person.