Synonyms for resurrects or Related words with resurrects

revives              slays              imprisons              reanimates              vanquishes              beheads              reawakens              subdues              decapitates              betrays              devours              banishes              dismembers              apprehends              teleports              brainwashes              tempts              exorcises              incapacitates              outwits              enslaves              exorcised              resurfaces              avenges              reincarnates              perishes              nimue              ruggedo              hypnotizes              illyana              overpowers              unleashes              stuns              kidnaps              petrifies              bewitches              hallucinates              reanimated              electrocutes              desaad              terrorizes              outsmarts              danifae              rediscovers              bruenor              zauriel              enchants              thundra              korvac              zombified             

Examples of "resurrects"
Selene resurrects the following characters in her quest:
Resurrects itself by creating a reference in the global environment:
Resurrects itself by creating a reference in an object it can reach:
During Pryor's concert film, "", the audience begins to yell "Do Mudbone!" and Pryor reluctantly resurrects the character.
"Herbert West, Reanimated", written as a round-robin serial by Robert Price & others, for "Crypt of Cthulhu" #64 (1989), is a sort of sequel in which Sir Eric Moreland Chapman-Lee resurrects and reassembles Dr. West, who then escapes, kills and resurrects his assistant, and resumes his increasingly wild experiments with life & death, leading to mind-transfers & cloning.
Similarly, David D. Cole has written that the Patriot Act "in effect resurrects the philosophy of McCarthyism, simply substituting 'terrorist' for 'communist.'"
To clean his junkyard-contaminated clothes, Hackett resurrects a washer and dryer from parts and an automobile, building a welder in the process
Abdul Alhazred: the author of the Necronomicon, killed ages ago in the Nameless City. Nyarlathotep resurrects him to write a final chapter.
The Tale of the Nisan Shaman (also spelled "Nishan"; ) is a Manchu folk tale about a female shaman who resurrects the son of a rich landowner.
Alcmene tells Hercules and Iolaus that she is to marry Jason. Hera resurrects the Blue Priest who plans to kill Hercules at the wedding.
In "The Apocalypse Solution", Ozymandias, using the Clan Akkaba, resurrects En Sabah Nur in the form of an innocent child, who begins his indoctrination by Ozymandias and the Clan.
Act 3 occurs after "Command & Conquer 3", as the player resurrects a remnant of CABAL's army, named the "Marked of Kane", using it to acquire the Tacitus, setting the story for Command & Conquer 4:Tiberian Twilight.
During "The Gauntlet" storyline, Diablo is present with Electro, Ana Kravinoff, Sasha Kravinoff, and Alyosha Kravinoff when Mattie Franklin is sacrificed as part of a ritual that resurrects Vladimir Kravinoff as a humanoid lion creature.
Sometime later, Arthur resurrects a heavily pregnant Louise. It is clear from the surgical tools that he lays out at home that Patrick is about to deliver the baby by caesarean section.
After the death of Warren and the Archangel persona via the Life Seed, the new entity known as Angel has healing powers far beyond what Warren was ever able to accomplish, as demonstrated when he resurrects a recently dead dog.
This song is as fast as the song "Chased" from "Tyranny". The fourth quarter of the song resurrects the piano melody from "Christmas Day", as the time is still Christmas. "Manhunt" ends with a calmed section like "Chased".
Kari (1989) offers a rigorous foundation for the position class system that makes up the verb template in Athabaskan languages. He defines a few terms and resurrects others which have since become standard in Athabaskanist literature.
Davina resurrects Kol after using help from the Strix. She then discovers he is possessed by the Ancestors. They eventually take full control over him and cause him to kill Davina.
Electro is later present at the scene where Mattie Franklin is sacrificed by Sasha Kravinoff as part of a ritual that resurrects Vladimir Kravinoff as a large humanoid lion creature.
Tabios has edited, co-edited or conceptualized ten books of poetry, fiction and essays released in the United States. She also founded and edits the poetry review journal, "GALATEA RESURRECTS, a Poetry Engagement".