Synonyms for retourne or Related words with retourne

reviens              aimerai              aimais              disait              veut              restera              voudrais              veulent              celui              reste              seront              voulais              connais              avait              savent              regarde              enfin              chantent              peux              laisse              autrier              malheureuse              attendais              revenir              croire              souvent              aurais              finir              envie              quelqu              disent              crois              voyez              raconte              mieux              joue              quoi              appartient              peuvent              veux              embrasser              puisque              voulu              rendre              besoin              avaient              renoncement              tendresse              pleurer              vraiment             

Examples of "retourne"
The "Retourne" river flows through the commune from east to west passing just south of the village and continuing west until it joins the Aisne at Neufchatel-sur-Aisne.
In 2012, she had the leading role in the TV Movie "Je retourne chez ma mère", starring also Rufus and Katia Tchenko. She also appeared in an episode of Scènes de ménage.
A second single appeared, "La cour des Grandes", which was followed by "Silence, je me retourne." A tour was organized through France via Paris, and in 1996 she was nominated for Victoires de la Musique as Newcomer of the Year, but Stephend won the prize.
It is still painting, that of the Faiyum portraits, which caused the writing of a splendid suite of poems, "Fayoum", published in 2001 by Gallimard in "Morceaux de ciel, presque rien" ("Pieces of sky, hardly anything"), that earned him the Prix Goncourt of poetry. In 2004, he published his ultimate reflections on poetry in "Ce qui retourne au silence" ("What returns to silence"), which also includes an essay on Robert Bresson and another on Varlam Shalamov's "Kolyma Tales".
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in his "Discourse on Inequality", refers to Governor van der Stel by name in a story about a "Hottentot" raised by the Dutch who chooses to "return to his equals" rather than remain in civilized society. According to Rousseau, van der Stel himself raised the "Hottentot" from birth "in the principles of the Christian religion and in the practices of European customs." The frontispiece of the "Discourse" features van der Stel and the "Hottentot" above the phrase, "Il retourne chez ses Egaux".