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Examples of "rexx"
KEDIT 5 for DOS and OS/2 supports an external REXX interpreter (native OS/2 REXX or Quercus REXX, for DOS only Quercus REXX replacing the older Mansfield REXX) and its own rather limited KEXX subset. KEDITW 1.6.1 for Windows supports only its own internal KEXX 5.62 version of the REXX language. Macros can be arranged in the codice_1 file format.
Rexx marked its 25th anniversary on 20 March 2004, which was celebrated at the REXX Language Association's 15th International REXX Symposium in Böblingen, Germany, in May 2004.
OS/2 had a visual development system from Watcom VX-REXX another dialect was VisPro REXX from Hockware.
In 1996 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) published a standard for Rexx: ANSI X3.274–1996 "Information Technology – Programming Language REXX". More than two dozen books on Rexx have been published since 1985.
On October 12, 2004, IBM announced their plan to release their Object REXX implementation's sources under the Common Public License. Recent releases of Object REXX contain an ActiveX WSH scripting engine implementing this version of the Rexx language.
The Amiga version of Rexx, called ARexx, was included with AmigaOS 2 onwards and was popular for scripting as well as application control. Many Amiga applications have an "ARexx port" built into them which allows control of the application from Rexx. One single Rexx script could even switch between different Rexx ports in order to control several running applications.
Portable Rexx by Kilowatt and Personal Rexx by Quercus are two Rexx interpreters designed for MS-DOS and can of course be run under Windows as well using a command prompt. Since the mid-1990s, two newer variants of Rexx have appeared:
Rexx is supplied with VM/SP on up, TSO/E Version 2 on up, OS/2 (1.3 and later, where it is officially named "Procedures Language/2"), AmigaOS Version 2 on up, PC DOS (7.0 or 2000), and Windows NT 4.0 (Resource Kit: Regina). REXX scripts for OS/2 share the filename extension .cmd with other scripting languages, and the first line of the script specifies the interpreter to be used. REXX macros for REXX-aware applications use extensions determined by the application. In the late 1980s Rexx became the common scripting language for IBM Systems Application Architecture, where it was renamed "SAA Procedure Language REXX."
Rexx/Tk, a toolkit for graphics to be used in Rexx programmes in the same fashion as Tcl/Tk is widely available.
Rexx Erected is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal/glam metal band Diamond Rexx. It was released by Crash Music Inc. on November 6, 2001.
VX-REXX is a highly extensible REXX GUI development system for OS/2 developed by Watcom and initially released in 1993.
Rawhead Rexx is the first full-length self-titled studio album by German power metal band, Rawhead Rexx. The album was released in 2002 by AFM Records.
CMS EXEC has been superseded by EXEC 2 and REXX. All three — CMS EXEC, EXEC 2 and REXX — continue to be supported by the IBM CMS product.
In 1990, Cathy Dager of SLAC organized the first independent Rexx symposium, which led to the forming of the REXX Language Association. Symposia are held annually.
Rexx has the following characteristics and features:
ARexx was first created in 1987, developed for the Amiga by William S. Hawes. It is based on the REXX language described by Mike Cowlishaw in the book "The REXX Language: A Practical Approach to Programming". ARexx was included by Commodore with AmigaOS 2.0 in 1990, and has been included with all subsequent AmigaOS releases. This later version of ARexx follows the official REXX language closely; Hawes was later involved in drafting the ANSI standard for REXX.
All tracks written by Diamond Rexx, except where noted.
Compare the function of CLIST with that provided by REXX.
Diamond Rexx became an alternative metal band in this album.
On October 12, 2004, IBM released Object REXX as open source software, giving rise to "Open Object Rexx" (ooREXX), now available for various operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows. This implementation includes a WSH Scripting Engine for Rexx. The released sources however didn't include significant piece of the SOM support.