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Examples of "rezence"
Skylake-based laptops may use wireless technology called Rezence for charging, and other wireless technologies for communication with peripherals. Many major PC vendors have agreed to use this technology in Skylake-based laptops, which should be released by the end of 2015.
Rezence (pronounced reh-zense) is an interface standard developed by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) for wireless electrical power transfer based on the principles of magnetic resonance. The Rezence system consists of a single power transmitter unit (PTU) and one or more power receiver units (PRUs). The interface standard supports power transfer up to 50 watts, at distances up to 5 centimeters. The power transmission frequency is 6.78 MHz, and up to eight devices can be powered from a single PTU depending on transmitter and receiver geometry and power levels. A Bluetooth Smart link is defined in the A4WP system intended for control of power levels, identification of valid loads and protection of non-compliant devices.
One of the applications of the resonant transformer is for the CCFL inverter. Another application of the resonant transformer is to couple between stages of a superheterodyne receiver, where the selectivity of the receiver is provided by tuned transformers in the intermediate-frequency amplifiers. The Tesla coil is a resonant transformer circuit used to generate very high voltages, and is able to provide much higher current than high voltage electrostatic machines such as the Van de Graaff generator. Resonant energy transfer is adopted as induction current collector of SCMaglev and AGV as application of large electric power transfer. The operating principle is behind proposed short range (up to 2 metre) wireless electricity systems such as WiTricity or Rezence and systems that have already been deployed, such as Qi power transfer, passive RFID tags and contactless smart cards.