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neogenin              netrin              pirb              rgma              tgfrii              neuropilins              plexin              bmpr              sfrps              sclerostin              norrin              sost              aplnr              neuritin              heteromerization              neuropilin              scleraxis              tigit              rhamm              nucleostemin              tweakr              trii              fzd              misrii              sorla              hemojuvelin              crig              pilra              endosialin              gcsfr              netrins              sortilin              caspr              cubilin              despr              ectodysplasin              betaglycan              glypican              cripto              hdmx              kremen              nogoa              hevin              mimecan              prlr              sirpalpha              tcblr              promigratory              cypin              bmprii             

Examples of "rgmb"
Repulsive guidance molecule B (RGMb), also known as DRAGON (DRG11-responsive axonal guidance and outgrowth of neurite), is a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) co-receptor of the repulsive guidance molecule family. In humans this protein is encoded by the "RGMB" gene.
RGMB is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchored member of the repulsive guidance molecule family (see also RGMA and RGMC) and contributes to the patterning of the developing nervous system.
Repulsive Guidance Molecules (RGMs) are members of a three gene family (in vertebrates) composed of RGMa, RGMb, and RGMc (also called hemojuvelin).
There is a potential association between RGMs and cancer bone metastasis, as RGMs coordinate bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling. RGMB may act as a negative regulator "in vitro" in breast cancer and prostate cancer through BMP signalling. Furthermore, aberrant expression of RGMs was indicated in breast cancer. The perturbed expression was associated with disease progression and poor prognosis.
RGMA belongs to a family of repulsive guidance molecules that are (glycosylphosphatidylinositol)-linked cell-membrane-associated proteins. The three proteins, RGMa (this protein), RGMb and RGMc are 40-50% identical to each other, and share similarities in predicted protein domains and overall structure. All three RGM proteins appear capable of binding selected BMPs (bone morphogenetic proteins).
Hemojuvelin (HJV), also known as repulsive guidance molecule C (RGMc) or hemochromatosis type 2 protein (HFE2), is a membrane-bound and soluble protein in mammals that is responsible for the iron overload condition known as juvenile hemochromatosis in humans, a severe form of hemochromatosis. In humans, the hemojuvelin protein is encoded by the "HFE2" gene. Hemojuvelin is a member of the repulsive guidance molecule family of proteins. Both RGMa and RGMb are found in the nervous system, while hemojuvelin is found in skeletal muscle and the liver.