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Examples of "rgt"
The Division was initially raised in October 1971 in Quảng Tri and composed of 2nd Inf Rgt (from 1st Division), 56th Inf Rgt and 57th Inf Rgt.
In 1950 the 284th HAA Rgt absorbed the 418th (Norfolk) (M) HAA Rgt (previously 514th (Suffolk) Coast Rgt, originally the Suffolk RGA). AA Command was disbanded in 1955, resulting in a large number of disbandments and mergers among TA AA units. The 284th HAA Rgt merged with the 389th (Norfolk Yeomanry) LAA Rgt to form 284th (The King's Royal Regiment, Norfolk Yeomanry) LAA Rgt, of which the old 284th formed RHQ and Q Btys, with HQ returning to Norwich. This regiment in turn later merged with 358th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Field Rgt, becoming 308th (Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry) Field Rgt, with HQ moving to Ipswich and ending the Norfolk Artillery Volunteers lineage.
293 Sqn was disbanded in 1961 (the year 125 Rgt regained its 'Staffordshire' title), and 127 Rgt (212 and 225 Sqns) was redesignated as 48th (South Midland) Division/District RE. The same year, 215 Sqn was absorbed by 291 Sqn, which replaced 143 Plant Rgt (276 Sqn returned to 102 Rgt).
In early 1941, 36 S/L Rgt sent a cadre of experienced men to 236 S/L Training Rgt at Oswestry where they formed 542nd S/L Bty with recruits mainly from London. This battery then formed part of 89th S/L Rgt, which was later converted into 133rdLight AA Rgt, and fought in the North West Europe campaign.
On 1 October 1948, the brigade became a Regular Army HQ and dropped the '(TA)' part of its title, though continuing to command its TA units. In 1950, 500 and 558 HAA Regiments merged, as 558 HAA Rgt at Coatdyke, and 518 LAA Rgt merged with 591st (Cameronians) (Mixed) LAA/Searchlight Rgt (formerly 125 LAA Rgt, originally 5/8th Bn, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)).
In early 1941, 41 S/L Rgt sent a cadre of experienced men to 235 S/L Training Rgt at Troon where they formed 541st S/L Bty with recruits mainly from Glasgow. This battery then formed part of 89th S/L Rgt, which was later converted into 133rdLight AA Rgt, and fought in the North West Europe campaign.
594 Rgt formed 'Q' (Warwickshire) Bty in the amalgamated regiment, but in 1961, 442 LAA Rgt was broken up and 'Q' Bty transferred to 268th (Warwickshire) Field Rgt. Then, in 1967, the TA was reorganised again, and 268 Rgt became Regimental HQ and 'P' (68 South Midland) Bty of The Warwickshire Regiment, TA. Finally, the regiment was reduced to cadre strength in 1969 and subsequently disbanded.
In March 1955 AA Command was disbanded, and there was a considerable reduction in the number of TA AA units. As part of this reorganisation, 596 LAA Rgt merged with 644 LAA Rgt, which had been formed at Warrington in 1947 by conversion of 2/4th Bn South Lancashires. Together, they constituted 436 (South Lancashire Artillery) Light AA Regiment, RA, in which 596 Rgt formed P and Q Btys, and 644 Rgt provided R Bty; RHQ remained at Mill St, St Helens.
On 7 December 1941 it was announced that 81st S/L Rgt had been selected for conversion to the Light Anti-Aircraft (LAA) gun role. The regiment moved to Clacton-on-Sea in Essex to prepare for conversion. The establishment of an LAA Rgt was lower than that of a S/L Rgt, so 200 surplus men were drafted to other S/L regiments that were under-strength and another 100 sent to the AA Driver Training Rgt at Fleetwood in Lancashire.
In July 1942, 114th LAA Rgt provided a cadre of experienced men to form a new 483rd LAA Bty at 212th LAA Training Rgt at Saighton Camp, then on 6 October the whole of 374 LAA Bty left to join a new 142nd LAA Rgt that was being formed nearby at Lotherton Hall. The rest of 114th LAA Rgt's batteries handed over to 142nd LAA Rgt and left for battle training.
In January 1942, 33rd S/L Rgt was increased by one battery, with 543 Bty joining from 89 S/L Rgt, though it was several months before it moved into the regimental area from Kent. 543rd S/L Bty had originally been formed in March 1941 from a cadre of 64th (1/6th Essex) S/L Rgt at 237 S/L Training Rgt at Holywood, Northern Ireland, with personnel mainly from Manchester. It had served with 89th S/L Rgt around Exeter and Plymouth during the latter part of the Blitz.
In November 1942, 356 Battery handed over its searchlight sites [to 556 Bty] and went into training prior to becoming an independent battery for overseas service. The following month, 354 Bty at Peterborough was formally re-regimented with 69th S/L Rgt. Regimental HQ moved to Todmorden and took over control of 435 S/L Bty (from 62 S/L Rgt) and 499 S/L Bty (from 78 S/L Rgt). 435 Bty was soon replaced by 423 Bty (57 S/L Rgt), and that it turn by 474 Bty (76th S/L Rgt), which was just completing mobile training.
Lieutenant-Colonel Bennie, OBE, TD, who had commanded the regiment since the formation of 81 S/L Rgt in November 1940, left in March 1945 to command 625 Rgt RA (an infantry battalion formed from 95 LAA Rgt) in NW Europe, and was replaced by Lt-Col T.W.D. Hackett, MC.
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When the TA was reconstituted in 1947, the unit reformed at Great Yarmouth as 284th (1st East Anglian) (Mixed) HAA Rgt (the 'Mixed' indicating that members of the Women's Royal Army Corps were integrated into the regiment). (The regiment's previous number was taken when the regular 1st Searchlight Rgt reformed as 78th HAA Rgt.)
When the TA was reformed in 1947, 124 LAA Regiment was reconstituted as 586 (Highland) LAA/SL Rgt with its HQ at Dundee. This unit was absorbed into 276th (Highland) Field Rgt on the disbandment of AA Command in 1955.
On 19 February 1942, 317 Bty left the regiment and returned to 3rd AA Division in Scotland to join 147th HAA Rgt, while 71st HAA Rgt became an unbrigaded regiment before leaving AA Command completely in May.
The following year, the amalgamations continued, with 256th LAA Rgt absorbing 407th (Devon) Coast Rgt, RA (which had originally been the 2nd Admin Brigade of Devonshire Artillery Volunteers, "see above").
Finally, in 1961, the regiment's lineage ended when it was absorbed into 296th (Royal Devon Yeomanry) Field Rgt, RA, except P (Royal Hampshire) Bty, which joined 383rd Light Rgt (The Duke of Connaught's Royal Hampshire), RA.
In August 1944, as part of the redistribution of LAA guns, 414 LAA Bty from 144 LAA Rgt was deployed to Hawkinge, just inland from the coast, and attached to 131 LAA Rgt.