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Examples of "richenza"
Richenza married twice. Her first husband was Herman III, Count of Werl. Herman and Richenza had one daughter together:
Richenza is women's first name. It is Polish name of the Icelandic origin (Rikissa). Rikissa is an Old Icelandic name Rixa meaning "wealthy".
Elimar married Rixa (also called Rikissa and Richenza), who according to the annals of Stade was the daughter of Dedi or Adalger.
Elimar II (also Egilmar) was Count of Oldenburg from 1108 through 1142. He was son of Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg and his wife Richenza.
He was the father of Count Albert III of Habsburg and Bishop Otto II of Constance (1165–1174). His daughter Richenza married Count Louis I of Pfirt.
Lothair Udo married , daughter of Herman III, Count of Werl, and his wife Richenza. (also Uda and Hilaria; b. ca. 1050), their children were:
Anna Leuhusen is known to have kept one of the convent most treasured possessions. When the abbey was founded in 1288, Princess Richenza of Sweden had entered it, and became its abbess in 1335. Richenza possessed a golden chain, which was consequently used by the abbesses of the abbey for centuries. Anna Leuhusen kept this chain when the abbey was dissolved and gave it to her family.
Otto remained in arms against the king until his death on 11 January 1083. He is buried in the Nicolai Chapel in Northeim. His personal estates in Saxony later passed to Lothair of Supplinburg, who about 1100 married Otto's granddaughter Richenza of Northeim. After Richenza, German queen from 1125 and Holy Roman Empress from 1133, died in 1141, the allodial lands were inherited by her daughter Gertrude and her husband, the Welf duke Henry the Proud.
His second wife was Matilda (or Richenza) of Saxony (1172–1208/09), the aforementioned granddaughter of Henry II, Duke of Saxony and niece of Richard the Lion-hearted. This marriage took place in 1204. There are no known children.
He married Richenza of Boyneburg, the daughter of Count Siegfried III of Boyneburg. They had a son, Conrad, who was the first documented member of the House of Regenstein.
About 1055 Otto married Richenza, formerly reckoned as a daughter of Duke Otto II of Swabia, but probably a descendant of the Billung dynasty. The couple had four sons and three daughters.
Matilda or Richenza of Saxony (1172-13 January 1209/10) was the Countess of Perche followed by the title of Lady of Coucy from the German Welf dynasty. She was also the niece of Richard the Lionheart.
Richenza (also spelled as "Richeza" or "Richza") ( – before 1083) was a German noblewoman. By her first marriage, she was Countess of Werl. By her second marriage, she was Countess of Northeim, and from 1061 to 1070, Duchess of Bavaria.
After Herman's death, she married Otto of Northeim (d. 1083), who was Duke of Bavaria as Otto II from 1061 until his death. Otto and Richenza had seven children together:
Lothair was succeeded by his son Henry in 1082. His widow was Oda (born c. 1050), daughter of Richenza (daughter of Otto II of Swabia) and Herman III, Count of Werl.
Henry the Fat ( – 1101), also known as Henry of Nordheim or Northeim, was from 1083 Count in Rittigau and Eichsfeld and from 1099 the Margrave of Frisia. He was the eldest son of Otto of Nordheim and Richenza of Swabia.
His remaining possessions fell to his sister Gertrude and her husband Henry the Fat, Margrave of Frisia, whose daughter Richenza married Lothair of Supplinburg, the later Duke and Emperor.
Sophie, daughter of Ludolf I, married Bernhard II of Wölpe at the end of the 12th century and then lived in the Middle Weser region. Her daughter, Richenza, who married Heinrich I of Hoya, was also married here.
Ethelinde was the oldest daughter of Otto of Northeim, duke of Bavaria (r.1060-1070) and his wife Richenza of Swabia, who is thought to be the daughter of Otto II, Duke of Swabia.
She is known as Richenza of Swabia, based on the theory that she was a daughter of Duke Otto II of Swabia. However, that theory is hard to maintain with the current state of research.