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gunzenhausen              kamenz              altenstadt              wolfach              kronach              bretten              hausach              wunsiedel              lichtenau              petershagen              krumbach              reichelsheim              baiersbronn              haiger              gehren              geisingen              wilkau              oschatz              osterwieck              beilngries              altensteig              attendorn              oppenau              medebach              lenningen              reinheim              hoyerswerda              schwarzach              beerfelden              gehrden              efze              calau              ehingen              erkelenz              friedrichsthal              taucha              freystadt              tiengen              blaubeuren              arnsberg              borken              hochstetten              perleberg              sprendlingen              ahrweiler              kenzingen              hessisch              nienburg              oelsnitz              schramberg             

Examples of "riedlingen"
Hayingen, Emeringen¹, Riedlingen², Langenenslingen² and Pfronstetten.
Rechtenstein is situated on the Danube between Riedlingen and Munderkingen.
Riedlingen is a town in the district (Kreis) of Biberach, Baden-Württemberg, in the south-west of Germany. It is one of the destinations of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route. Riedlingen has approximately 10,000 inhabitants.
The writer Ernst Jünger used to live close to Riedlingen in the Jünger-Haus Wilflingen.
Peter Valance (born June 4, 1980, Riedlingen) is a German illusionist.
Gudrun Abt (born 3 August 1962) is a retired German hurdler. She was born in Riedlingen.
Uwe Spies (born July 8, 1967 in Riedlingen) is a German former footballer.
The West route starts at Riedlingen and terminates at Meersburg on Lake Constance. It passes the following villages and cities:
In Riedlingen there are many sports clubs, such as the football club TSV Riedlingen which plays in the German "Kreisliga A". The carnival group called "Gole" has many followers. In the town centre there are several bakeries, cafes, and a cinema which acts as a theatre, stage and cafe within the same building.
Franz Schmidberger (born 19 October 1946 in Riedlingen, Württemberg-Hohenzollern, Germany) is a priest of the Society of St. Pius X, founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.
Erisdorf is a small village in Upper Suebia (South Württemberg, Germany), about 3 km north of the main community Ertingen, in the direction of Riedlingen.
Riedlingen, Altheim, Heiligkreuztal, Ertingen, Herbertingen, Bad Saulgau, Sießen, Ostrach, Habsthal, Krauchenwies, Meßkirch, Kloster Wald, Pfullendorf, Heiligenberg-Betenbrunn, Weildorf, Salem Abbey, Überlingen, Birnau, Seefelden, Baitenhausen, Meersburg.
The HzL bus services launched in 1947 today cover an 800-km route network with hubs in Reutlingen, Horb, Sigmaringen and Riedlingen.
In the history of the city Riedlingen only eleven people have been honored so far. Wilfried Steuer and Winfried Aßfalg are the last still living honorary citizen.
Around Riedlingen there are seven villages which are part of the urban district. These are called Neufra, Daugendorf, Grüningen, Pflummern, Zwiefaltendorf, Zell and Bechingen.
Zwiefalten is located on the main road B 312. This connects the town to the north with Reutlingen and to the south with Riedlingen.
Christian and his wife had 10 children, of whom five survived infancy. His son Karl Anton Christian (1731–1810) became abbot of St. Trudpert's Abbey near Münstertal in the Black Forest, and for this church J. J. Christian created a relief painting using a stucco technique for the high altar that is considered unparalleled. Christian died in Riedlingen. Another son, Franz Joseph Christian (1739–1798), became a sculptor and took over his father's workshop in Riedlingen.
Baach is on the road from Riedlingen to Aachtal. Attenhöfen is a hamlet of four farms on a hill above the right bank of Aach and the southernmost city in the district of Reutlingen.
The main road B 312, coming from the Bundesautobahn 8 at Stuttgart Airport, leads via Pfullingen over Riedlingen and Biberach an der Riss to Memmingen. In December 2003, the 1180 m long Ursulaberg tunnel was opened .
Quantities was 1276 to 1805 as one of the so-called five Danube cities Vorderösterreich(together with Ehingen, Munderkingen, Riedlingen and Bad Saulgau). In 1806, volumes fell by Napoleon and the Peace of Pressburg to the Kingdom of Württemberg.