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Examples of "rimoldi"
Rimoldi is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Although the film is an entirely Spanish production, the cast includes some Italian actors: Fosco Giachetti, María Denis, Adriano Rimoldi.
Lucas Roberto Rimoldi (born 10 August 1980 in Córdoba) is an Argentine football midfielder, who plays for Instituto.
Captain Demonio (Italian: Capitan Demonio) is a 1950 Italian historical adventure film directed by Carlo Borghesio and starring Adriano Rimoldi, María Martín and Luisella Beghi.
Mistress of the Mountains (Italian: Gente così) is a 1950 Italian drama film directed by Fernando Cerchio and starring Vivi Gioi, Adriano Rimoldi and Camillo Pilotto.
Hand of Death or Man of Death (Italian: La mano della morta) is a 1949 Italian drama film directed by Carlo Campogalliani and starring María Martín, Adriano Rimoldi and Carlo Ninchi.
Jorgelina Rimoldi Puig (born October 6, 1971) is a field hockey player from Argentina, who won the silver medal with the national women's hockey team at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and the Champions Trophy in 2001.
The film is set in Turin at the beginning of the twentieth century, where a student (Rimoldi) begins a romance with a seamstress Dorina (Denis). However, he is lured away by a sophisticated older woman (Calamai) to Dorina's distress.
Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum (Museo d'Arte Moderna "Mario Rimoldi") is a contemporary and modern art museum in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. It is one of three museums administered by Le Regole d'Ampezzo, the other two being the Rinaldo Zardini Palaeontology Museum and the Regole of Ampezzo Ethnographic Museum. It opened in 1974 after a donation from Rosa Braun, the widow of Mario Rimoldi. Rimoldi's collection was displayed in 1941, it moved to the Regole d'Ampezzo in 1963, and by 1995, the collection contained 364 works of art. The museum's permanent exhibition includes works by Filippo De Pisis, Felice Carena, Pio Semeghini, Renato Guttuso, Tullio Garbari, and Massimo Campigli. The museum is also used as a venue for live music performances.
Adriano Rimoldi (1912–1965) was an Italian film actor. He appeared in more than sixty films during his career, which stretched from the late 1930s to his death in the mid 1960s. In 1940 he played the male lead in the melodrama "Goodbye Youth", alongside Maria Denis and Clara Calamai, two of the leading actresses of the Fascist era.
Hardy, however, saw his already hefty frame expand to 330 pounds while in France, and he required medical care for cardiac fibrillation and the flu. Adding to the medical problems was Italian actor Adriano Rimoldi, who played the stowaway, when he fell from a docked yacht and required a month's recuperation away from the production.
Magdalena Aicega, Mariela Antoniska (gk), Inés Arrondo, Luciana Aymar, Silvina Corvalán, Anabel Gambero, Agustina García, Alejandra Gulla, María de la Paz Hernández, Mercedes Margalot, Karina Masotta (c), Vanina Oneto, Jorgelina Rimoldi, Cecilia Rognoni, Ayelén Stepnik, and Paola Vukojicic (gk). Head Coach: Sergio Vigil.
For their first season at Serie B level, the club made several signings to keep the team competitive. They included Massimo Margiotta, Francesco Lodi, Lucas Rimoldi and Fabio Di Venanzio. Meanwhile, work began on restructuring the Stadium Matusa, whose capacity was increased from 5,000 to almost 10,000 seats.
Mariana Arnal (gk), Verónica Artica (gk), María Camardón, Silvia Corvalán, Sofía MacKenzie, Magdalena Aicega, Julieta Castellán, Gabriela Sánchez, Anabel Gambero, Jorgelina Rimoldi, Karina Masotta, Vanina Oneto, María Castelli, Gabriela Pando, and Cecilia Rognoni. Head Coach: Rodolfo Mendoza. NB: One name missing.
Regole of Ampezzo Ethnographic Museum is an ethnographic museum in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. It is one of three museums administered by Le Regole d'Ampezzo, the other two being the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum and the Rinaldo Zardini Palaeontology Museum. It is situated in the renovated and redesigned sawmill of Pontechiesa covering two floors and a basement, which includes a classroom. The space was designed by Studio Gellner, 2006-2011, with lighting design by iGuzzini.
Stan learns that he is to receive an inheritance left by a wealthy uncle. Unfortunately, most of the inheritance is consumed by taxes and legal fees, and he is left with only a rickety but fully provisioned yacht and a private island in the Pacific Ocean. Stan and Ollie leave for the island, accompanied by Antoine, stateless refugee (Max Elloy) and Giovanni Copini, a stowaway (a malcontent Italian bricklayer) (Adriano Rimoldi).
Pettenati still continues to sing with mostly repertoire of his earlier hits in the 1960s. He was on stage in musical theater "Quei bravi ragazzi", with a history of Italian song told from memory. With Pettenati as story teller there are five artists accompanying him: Delia Rimoldi (actress and singer), Raffaele Koheler (trumpet player of the Banda Osiris and Ottavo Ricther), Maurizio Dosi (actor and accordion player) and Luca Maciachini (vocals and guitar).
The Arboretum was founded in 1947, by Prof. Frank J. Rimoldi and Dr. Roy Woodbury. In 1949 it was named for Prof. John C. Gifford, an expert on tropical woods and professor of tropical forestry at the University of Miami. In 1950, the Gifford Society of Tropical Botany was formed to promote the study of tropical plants, and the arboretum grew to more than 500 plants.
An 1871 Walcker organ (Opus 263) is at the chorus section. It has more than 3500 pipes, and was made in Germany with the finest materials available at that time. Titular Organist is Mr. Enrique Rimoldi, who offers periodically organ concerts for free. This organ is quite well conserved and its intonation was preserved as close as possible to the original. It is currently recognised as one of the finest Walcker Organs ever manufactured.
Rinaldo Zardini Palaeontology Museum (Italian, Museo Paleontologico "Rinaldo Zardini") is a palaeontological museum in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. It is one of three museums administered by Le Regole d'Ampezzo, the other two being the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum and the Regole of Ampezzo Ethnographic Museum. It is also a member of "DOMUS, the Network of Science Museums of the Veneto Dolomites". The paleontology museum opened in August 1975, exhibits Dolomite fossils. The museum bears the name of Rinaldo Zardini, a local researcher, who collected the materials and catalogued them. Thousands of his findings are part of the collections, though he collected over 1,000,000 articles in his lifetime.