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seamo              zeebra              ketsumeishi              puffy_amiyumi              monkey_majik              kazumasa_oda              momoiro_clover              ken_hirai              kinki_kids              miliyah_kato              kana_nishino              masaharu_fukuyama              kishidan              towa_tei              mihimaru_gt              ai_otsuka              kobukuro              namie_amuro              porno_graffitti              ikimono_gakari              shikao_suga              anna_tsuchiya              sowelu              kome_kome_club              kiyoshi_hikawa              greeeen              sukima_switch              thelma_aoyama              ringo_shiina              kyary_pamyu_pamyu              dohzi              denki_groove              riyu              mika_nakashima              shota_shimizu              kumi_koda              motohiro_hata              tofubeats              halcali              tamio_okuda              maki_ohguro              ulfuls              emyli              naoto_inti_raymi              teriyaki_boyz              garnet_crow              ikimonogakari              quruli              aya_matsuura              soulhead             

Examples of "rip_slyme"
Halcali debuted at a free concert held by Rip Slyme at the Budokan theatre. There, Halcali performed with Rip Slyme and were introduced along with their debut single, .
In 2010, Rip Slyme was one of the artists launched on Warner Music's new sublabel, unBORDE.
In May 2010, Ebihara that she had married Ilmari from the music group Rip Slyme.
Good Job! is a greatest-hits album released on August 31, 2005 by the Japanese hip hop group, Rip Slyme.
Rip Slyme (often stylized as RIP SLYME) is a Japanese hip hop group. It is composed of four MCs; Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes & Su, and a DJ, Fumiya. Their sound derives its influences from old school hip hop and other hip hop such as The Pharcyde, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Jurassic 5, the Beastie Boys, DJ Premier, Leaders of the New School.
Ilmari attended the same primary and middle school as Ryo-Z. During this, they became the founding members of Rip Slyme. After switching several schools, Ilmari then left for an international school. While there he met fellow Rip Slyme member Pes. Quitting school in the middle of his final year, he returned to Tokyo, reunited with Ryo-Z and formed "Gibinibanko" (ギビニバンコ).
The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards Japan was held in Tokyo on October 26, 2016 and was hosted by Rip Slyme.
Rip Slyme has provided voiceover work as well as the ending theme for the Japanese dub of "SpongeBob SquarePants". The episode aired on May 6, 2009.
The discography of Japanese musical act Rip Slyme consists of ten studio albums, four compilation albums, two extended plays, one live album, eight video albums and thirty-three singles. Rip Slyme debuted as an independent act on File Records in 1995, releasing material with them until their major label debut under Warner Music Japan in 2000. The band's second album under Warner, "Tokyo Classic" (2002) was a commercial success, selling over 1,000,000 copies.
Rip Slyme collaborated with the rock band Quruli twice in 2006, when they released the singles "Lovi" and "Juice" simultaneously. The group have worked together with guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei twice: once in 2006 on the single "Battle Funkastic" that mashed-up Rip Slyme's "Funkastic" with Hotei's "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" (2000), and in 2011 when Rip Slyme recorded a cover of Hotei's song "Bambina" for his collaborations album "All Time Super Guest".
On July 7, 2007 one of the Live Earth concerts (held to raise awareness of the earth's climate) was staged at Tō-ji; artists who played included Bonnie Pink, Michael Nyman, Rip Slyme, UA and the Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Steady & Co., was a Japanese hip hop and music production group consisting of Kenji Furuya, Bots, both of Dragon Ash, Ilmari of Rip Slyme, and Shigeo of Skebo King.
On 7 July 2007, Rip Slyme performed their single "Nettaiya" at Live Earth in Kyoto, Japan. Later that year, they would go on to release their fifteenth major single, Speed King, and their seventh Warner album, Funfair, shortly after.
In 2002, Haruka and Yukari noticed a pink flier for an audition to become a "female hip hop unit" which was held by the group Rip Slyme. Yukari admitted that the both of them entered the competition simply to see what it was.
In 2010, Tokyo Metro used Yu Takahashi's song "Fukuwarai" as a song for their commercials. Previous years featured music by Yoko Kanno, Richard Rodgers, Pes from Rip Slyme, Kazunobu Mineta of Going Steady and Ging Nang Boyz, and Yoshiharu Abe from Unicorn.
Contact is a remix album by Fantastic Plastic Machine, released roughly six months after "beautiful.". Tanaka enlisted the assistance of several musicians for the project, including Rip Slyme, Kahimi Karie and King Britt. Tanaka also remixed several tracks on the album himself as well as contributing one new song, "City Lights".
The group consists of Ilmari and Ryo-Z from Rip Slyme, Verbal from M-Flo, rapper Wise and Nigo, the DJ and founder of the popular Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape. Hence the group members are prominently seen sporting Bathing Ape wear for live concerts and in music videos.
Among hundreds of entrants, Haruka and Yukari were chosen to form Halcali. The girls modestly spoke of their formation, saying that although there were many girls cuter than themselves, Rip Slyme and Oshare Toy Factory riskily chose them. Yukari stated, "Sometimes it's like you want to have a piece of really gross gum- Just to see!"
In summer 2008, they released Taiyou to Bikini, their only single that year. Later that year, three digital singles would debut, all of which would be on the February 2009 single Stairs. Rip Slyme released their eighth album, Journey, on June 10, 2009.
In general, Fumiya composes most of the music, while Ryo-Z, Pes, Ilmari, and Su write their own lyrics. However, before Fumiya became a member, Pes composed most of the songs. Each member has tried their hand at composing music for Rip Slyme, and Pes occasionally plays guitar on some tracks (Such as Home and More & More, for example). Allegedly, Pes was in a rock band before being introduced to hip hop music by Ilmari and Ryo-Z.