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preslava              nevena              danijela              petreska              dragana              andrijana              nikolina              patroklou              ilieva              sneki              desislava              nizharadze              kesovija              todorova              petkovska              kamelia              ioanna              hristina              stojanovska              jovana              gergana              jasmina              stikoudi              anelia              viktorija              pileva              podolskaya              rozga              adrijana              todevska              tijana              emilija              ieva              kukulska              sanja              temnikova              marijana              sofija              biljana              ukraden              theodoridou              julija              smolova              konstantopoulou              kazimova              ninanajna              vesna              zorica              ksenija              topalova             

Examples of "risteska"
"Opasno Vreme"(, English translation: Dangerous Time) is a single by the Macedonian singer Elena Risteska. The single was recorded in 2011. Elena Risteska announced that the single will be released along with a music video.
1.Otvori oci - Glasovi -Kaliopi,Maja Panceva,Elena Risteska,Adrijan,Maja Sazdanovska,Lambe,Aleksandra Pileva
Guest Judge: Marko Janjić and Tanja Bošković
Aired: November 9, 2014
Winner: Elena Risteska
It was succeeded as Macedonian representative at the 2006 contest by Elena Risteska with "Ninanajna".
At the performance Risteska was wearing a red shirt with beads and a pair of hot pants. Risteska had three dancers dressed in casual clothing along with two backing singers who remain at the back and were incorporated into the dancing at certain points of the performance. The backing singers were Aleksandra Pileva and Maja Sazdanovska.
Elena Risteska ( ; born April 27, 1986 in Skopje, Macedonia) is a Macedonian singer and song-writer. She represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens with the song "Ninanajna", and finished in 12th place, the highest ever finish for Macedonia. Risteska is also an occasional songwriter, writing for artists such as 4Play, Lambe Alabakoski, and Aleksandra Pileva.
"Milioner" (in Macedonian Cyrillic: Милионер, English translation: Millionaire) is a single by the popular Macedonian singer Elena Risteska. It was realized in three versions: Macedonian, Serbian and English.
Hristina Risteska (born 21 December 1991 in Prilep) is a Macedonian sprinter who specializes in the 400 metres. She represented Macedonia at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
The English version, on the other hand, features Risteska telling her lover that she will do whatever he wants her to ("I'll open up your fantasies and make your dreams come true") but that "If you wanna ninana with me, I'll tell you what to do". The reference to Shakira is maintained, although in this version Risteska promises that "I can make Beyoncé and Shakira dance for you".
Den i Nok (; ) is the debut album of the Macedonian pop musician Elena Risteska. Following the release of the album in 2003, Risteska garnered popularity in several Balkan countries. The album, although only long enough to be an EP, achieved a large amount of success in her native country of Macedonia, with several songs from the album going on to become hit singles in their own right.
In 1996, Risteska made her television debut during the "Mak-Karaoke Show" performing the song "Flamingo" on the commercial channel A1. The same year she started studying the English and French languages. She started to sing in the school choir and went to Bulgaria for her first tour with the folk dance club. In 1998, she took part in many competitions and won many local, national, and international awards in drawing. In 2000, Risteska toured Bulgaria with the folk dance club again.
Milioner is third studio album by Macedonian pop musician, Elena Risteska. The album was released in Serbia by City Records in q2, 2008. The albums contains the same songs from the album 192, just sang in Serbian.
M2 Productions organised several talent shows, from which several current Macedonian pop stars emerged. Among these: Elena Risteska, Lambe Alabakoski, Aleksandra Pileva, 4play, Emil Arsov, Tuna, Dimitar Andonovski, Bojana Atansovska...
On the night of the final Bilan performed 10th in the running order, following Denmark's Sidsel Ben Semmane with "Twist of Love" and preceding Macedonia's Elena Risteska with "Ninanajna". The song received 248 points, finishing second behind Finland's Lordi.
On 19 December 2008, Risteska held her first solo concert in Skopje. It was staged at the Metropolis Arena and featured guests such as Lambe Alabakovski, Tuna, Parketi, and Regina.
1033 Simona is an asteroid that was discovered by George Van Biesbroeck on September 4, 1924, and given the provisional designation 1924 SM. It was named after Simona Risteska, daughter of the discoverer.
The version as performed at the Contest featured the English lyrics until the final chorus, when Risteska switched to Macedonian to express much the same sentiments as she had been throughout the song.
Guest judges at the judge's houses were Nina Badric at Masimo's house and Mirko Vukomanović at Željko's house, Kaliopi at Aleksandra's house and Petar Grašo at Tonči's house. Guests at the live shows were Måns Zelmerlöw, Roma Sijam, Lana Jurčević, Magazin, Elena Risteska, S.A.R.S., Knez, Petar Grašo, Vanna, Saša Kovačević, Karolina Gočeva, Lukijan Ivanović, Jacques Houdek , Slavko Kalezić , Vlaho Arbulić, James Arthur , Jelena Rozga.
Lambe competed at Skopje Fest 2007, the Macedonian Eurovision Song Selection. He performed the song "Belo e Se" which was written by Elena Risteska and composed by Robert Bilbilov. The song gained 101 points, placing Lambe in third position for a consecutive year. Lambe competed in the Macedonian Eurovision qualifier on 23 February 2008, with the song "Zemjo Moja".
"192" (in Macedonian read as: Еден, девет, двa) is a song by the Macedonian singer and song-writer Elena Risteska from her second album with the same name. 192 is the three-digit telephone number for the police in Macedonia. In 2008 Serbian version of the song was realized under the title 92. The Serbian version is included in "Milioner".