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Examples of "rivadeneira"
Rivadeneira is married to writer Luis Flores and has two children. Rivadeneira has said that she is a frequent reader of Eduardo Galeano's work.
On 28 July 2011 Rivadeneira took up the function of governor of Imbabura Province after Governor Pedro Dávila laid down his function. To take up this position Rivadeneira was forced to lay down her function of Vice Prefect in the same province. As Rivadeneira became governor at age 28 she became not only the first female governor of Imbabura Province, but also the youngest. Rivadeneira was chosen for this position by President Rafael Correa. On 9 November 2012 Rivadeneira resigned as governor, so she could run in the 2013 general election. In March 2013 she went to the funeral of Hugo Chávez as part of the Ecuadorian delegation.
The species is named in honour of Mr. Francisco Rivadeneira.
Compiled by Roger Gastman, Zio Fulcher and Jamie Rivadeneira
He married at maturity with Mrs. Violante Rivadeneira (who died in 1591). They had two daughters: Damiana, who married his cousin Hernando de Rivadeneira and Leonor, who married Cristóbal de Benavente y Benavides and which later became earl of Fontenar.
The "General Rivadeneira" International Airport offers both national and international services to Cali, Colombia.
Oscar Rivadeneira (born in 1960 in Lima, Peru) is a retired Peruvian boxer.
Rivadeneira fought with Michael Spinks in 1983 for the Light Heavyweight championship. He was beaten in a tenth round knockout.
On 1 October, Coronel Cesár Carrion , Quito's metropolitan police chief; Marcelo Echeverría, the provincial police commander; and Manuel E. Rivadeneira Tello, the head of the barracks where Correa was attacked, were detained. They were released the next day but barred from leaving Ecuador pending an investigation for "negligence, rebellion and attempted assassination," according to prosecutor Gonzalo Marco Freire. Manuel E. Rivadeneira Tello, was alleged by Allard to have trained at the School of the Americas (SOA). The School of the Americas Watch lists Rivadeneira as having trained at the SOA from 25 February to 18 April 1980, in the C-8 armed combat cadet group.
Rivadeneira founded the cultural organisation Mirarte in 1998, while she was fourteen years old. For her, it was a relief valve against the Ecuadorian government during those years. The organisation later produced the first children's film in Ecuador, Sara la Espantapájaros. Rivadeneira had a role in the movie. Rivadeneira has said that in her youth she sprayed graffiti for ideological goals as a protest against foreign debt, free-trade treaties and the presence of the U.S. Manta Air Base at Eloy Alfaro International Airport.
Rivadeneira went to the Colegio Santa Juana de Chantal. During her stay there she became president of the advice board and leader of the student board.
Francisco Higinio Andrade Marín y Rivadeneira (November 15, 1841 – September 6, 1935) was acting President of Ecuador from March 6 to August 10, 1912.
Rivadeneira represented Ecuador in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant that took place in Quito, placing among the Top 10 finalists. The winner was Jennifer Hawkins of Australia.
Rivadeneira led the PAIS Alliance in the February 2013 elections for the National Assembly while more senior politicians were placed behind her on the national list. Examples of these were the then President of the National Assembly Fernando Cordero Cueva, the then Vice President of the National Assembly Juan Carlos Cassinelli and Rosana Alvarado. She personally received 3,498,379 votes. On 14 May 2013 Rivadeneira was chosen as President of the National Assembly after receiving 107 of 137 votes in her favor.
After being chosen as President of the National Assembly she was mentioned as a potential successor for President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Correa announced that he would not seek another term in the 2017 elections because of the country's term limits. Earlier, Correa had mentioned Rivadeneira as a possible successor while he was on a visit to Imbabura Province. Rivadeneira would not have been eligible, as she would not have reached the minimum age of 35 for the office of president.
The National Assembly (Spanish: "Asamblea Nacional") is the legislative branch of the government of Ecuador that replaced the National Congress in 2009, under the 2008 Constitution. The current President of the Assembly is Gabriela Rivadeneira, as of May 14, 2013.
Born in 1949, he is the second child and only son of Belisario Betancur Cuartas and Rosa Elena Álvarez Yepes; his two other sisters are: Beatriz (1956) and María Clara (1960). He is married to María Emma Rubiano Rivadeneira.
María Susana Rivadeneira Simbal (born 8 September 1979 in Quito) is an Ecuadorian model, painter and beauty queen who won Miss Ecuador 2004 and Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2004.
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Gabriela Alejandra Rivadeneira Burbano (born 25 July 1983) is an Ecuadorian politician. She has served as the President of the National Assembly of Ecuador since May 2013. Previously she was Governor of Imbabura Province from 2011 to 2012.