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rivière_du_milieu              matawin              batiscanie_quebec              zec_tawachiche              rivière_des_envies              rivière_aux_rats              manouane              mékinac              la_tuque_urban_agglomeration              lac_masketsi              outardes              bostonnais              lake_masketsi              miguick              zec_kiskissink              trois_rives              sanmaur              moisie              lac_aux_sables              baie_trinité              grandes_piles              koksoak              cascapédia              lake_kiskissink              ashuapmushuan              petite_rivière              caniapiscau              causapscal              lac_édouard_quebec              patapédia              caniapiscau_reservoir              opinaca              gouin_reservoir              kipawa              mekinac              lake_wayagamac              lac_édouard              portneuf_wildlife_reserve              manicouagan              batiscan              sélune              nipissis              memphrémagog              saint_ubalde              rapide_blanc              nemiscau              hervey_jonction              kedgwick              eastmain_reservoir              dumoine             

Examples of "rivière_aux_eaux_mortes"
The Rivière aux eaux mortes (River of dead waters) flows entirely in forest areas in two territories Quebec, in Canada:
Two other rivers feed the lake Dussault, one of the major waterways of the head of the "Rivière aux eaux mortes":
Observational nature enthusiasts will love the range of concentration of waterfowl, located in a wetland on the "Rivière aux eaux mortes". This particular area attracts moose and birds.
The name "Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac)" was officially registered on December 5, 1968 in the Bank of place names of the Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec)
The coordinates of the mouth of the "Rivière aux eaux mortes" are: west longitude 72° 37' 05" north latitude 47° 06' 50". The mouth of this river is located at:
The "Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac)" takes its source from several lakes in the high mountains of the Portneuf Wildlife Reserve: "lac à l'Orignal" (moose lake), Desrochers, Turner, Aumond, Liserons, Pilote, "aux oreilles" (ears), "du Mâle" and "du coin" (corner). Waters from upstream flow into the lake Desrochers whose mouth is located at south; from the mouth, the "Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac)" descends on 2.1 km to go across the lake Rocheleau (length of 0.9 km). From the mouth of the latter lake, the river descends on 5.2 km to empty on the west side of Lake Dussault (length of 400 m.).
Located in the Zec Tawachiche, its mouth flows into the "Ruisseau des îles” (Stream of Islands), which course on 3.25 km north-west and flows into the Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac). The latter flows into the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac) which goes south to empty into the northern part of Mékinac Lake.
Along the way, the track of the Canadian National Railway between Hervey-Jonction to La Tuque bypasses the eastern shores Lake Masketsi (Mékinac) and “Lac Froid” (Cold Lake). Then the railroad reached the west shore of the reservoir of "Rivière aux eaux mortes”. The railway passes the hamlet of Doheney then passes the hamlet of Rivière-du-Milieu, before crossing a long bridge spanning the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac). Since 1909, the railroad was a key factor in the development of forestry and tourist activities in the area.
The main entrance to the zec Tawachiche is located near the mouth of the Tawachiche West River in the Audy Station, 9.1 km from the intersection of the road 153 in the village of Hervey-Jonction, Quebec. The second entry into the territory of the zec is located north of the River Aux-Eaux-Mortes (rivière-aux-eaux-mortes), this entry is accessible via the Road 155 and taking the path of Carignan (), south of La Tuque. Visitors can also access the zec territory in which seaplanes landing is possible on the lakes Masketsi, Roberge, the Bear and Hackett.