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la_tuque_urban_agglomeration              rivière_aux_eaux_mortes              batiscanie_quebec              miguick              zec_tawachiche              manouane              matawin              lake_kiskissink              lake_wayagamac              rivière_des_envies              petawaga              trois_rives              gouin_reservoir              sainte_françoise              zec_kiskissink              wessonneau              upsalquitch_river              mauricie_mékinac              touladi_river              rivière_aux_rats              lake_masketsi              bostonnais              mékinac              dégelis              auzoue              squatec              drezna              normétal              abitibi_témiscamingue_abitibi              cascapédia              lac_édouard_quebec              baie_sainte_catherine              montcalm_montmagny              outardes              labelle_lac              métabetchouane              causapscal              baie_trinité              mekinac              lède              sainte_flavie              kouchibouguacis              lac_masketsi              abloux              grandes_piles              lac_édouard              chaudière_appalaches_lotbinière              chapeauroux              bessonne              laval_lévis             

Examples of "rivière_du_milieu"
The «Rivière à l’eau morte” (River in the dead water) which is the main tributary (East Bank) of “Rivière du milieu”, flows first to the southwest, turns north, past the hamlet «Doheney» and then redirects westward. The mouth of the «Rière à l’eau morte» is located 4 km (measured in a straight line) upstream of the mouth of the «Rivière du Milieu" or 2.1 km downstream of the railway bridge crossing the “Rivière du milieu”.
The economy of this sector is based on the forestry and railways activities, as well as tourist activities, including hunting, fishing, ATVs and snowmobiles. Since the early 20th century, this area is served by the Canadian National Railway between Hervey-Jonction and La Tuque. A very long railway bridge spans the “Rivière du Milieu”. In the past, a small hamlet existed around the station at Rivière-du-Milieu.
The Rivière du Milieu (River of the middle) (popularly named "River pike”) flows southward in the unorganized territory of Lac-Masketsi, in the Mekinac Regional County Municipality, in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada.
The “Rivière du Milieu” flows entirely in forest land. The route starts near the river (southeast) of Lake Wayagamac. Much of its course is located in the Zec of Bessonne, but the last kilometers through the Zec Tawachiche.
The territory is crossed by six rivers such as Little Bostonnais River, the Jeannotte River and Rivière du milieu (Mékinac). Zec includes 281 lakes including Lake Wayagamac which provides drinking water to the city of La Tuque.
Along the way, the track of the Canadian National Railway between Hervey-Jonction to La Tuque bypasses the eastern shores Lake Masketsi (Mékinac) and “Lac Froid” (Cold Lake). Then the railroad reached the west shore of the reservoir of "Rivière aux eaux mortes”. The railway passes the hamlet of Doheney then passes the hamlet of Rivière-du-Milieu, before crossing a long bridge spanning the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac). Since 1909, the railroad was a key factor in the development of forestry and tourist activities in the area.
This French river name describes the lazy nature of the water in several segments of the river. This phenomenon stems from the little slope on the course of the river, between "lac à la digue" to its mouth in the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac).
The mouth of the river flows on the eastern shore of the Rivière du milieu (Mékinac) at 1.9 km (direct line) south of the Canadian National railroad bridge, or 1 5 km south of the mouth of the Saint-Arnaud Creek.
Located in the Zec Tawachiche, its mouth flows into the "Ruisseau des îles” (Stream of Islands), which course on 3.25 km north-west and flows into the Rivière aux eaux mortes (Mékinac). The latter flows into the Rivière du Milieu (Mékinac) which goes south to empty into the northern part of Mékinac Lake.
The name "Rivière du Milieu” (Mekinac) means that this river is midway on the rail route between Hervey-Jonction and La Tuque. This name was officially registered on December 5, 1968 in the register of place names of the Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec).
From the railway of Canadian National, the very serpentine river crosses several wetland areas, a distance of about 5.8 km (direct line) to fund a flared valley to its mouth. Aerial maps do seem dozens of small lakes on either side of the river. A small delta appears at the mouth of the “Rivière du Milieu" which empties into the north-east of Mékinac Lake.
Matawin river's main source is lake Matawin in Rouge-Matawin Wildlife Reserve, in Charland Township, about 8 miles southwest of Lake Charland, which is created by an expansion of "Rivière-du-milieu. Matawin ouest river flows prior to the South and cross many lakes up to the boundary of Mont-Tremblant National Park. Then the river goes toward East up to the village of Saint-Michel-des-Saints). The river empties into a large bay, in the village, at the south of the western part of réservoir Taureau (Taureau Reservoir). Lac-Taureau is an unorganized part of the Matawinie Regional County Municipality, which is part of the administrative region of Lanaudière territory.