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Examples of "rivoire"
Boucher's monument to André Rivoire can be seen in Vienne. Rivoire was a poet and playwright.
Franck Rivoire, known by his stage name Danger, is a French electronic musician.
Haute-Rivoire is a commune in the Rhône department in eastern France.
Justine was taught French during her youth. The private tutor Marie Madeleine Rivoire, from the Italian town of Torre Pellice, began her Dutch teaching career as a young woman, in 1880. Rivoire belonged to the Northern Italian Protestant family Rivoire (Rivoir) of the medieval religious movement of the Waldensians. In or shortly after 1889 Rivoire moved to The Hague, where she taught French at a private school. She might have been giving Justine secondary French education because of the planned Brussels period (see next). In her book (published 1929/1930) Justine credits Marie Rivoire as her first guide in the literary world of the medieval Italian poet and writer Dante Alighieri, which would inspire her for the rest of her live.
M. Cashen, O. Rivoire, L. Yatsenko, and H. Metcalf Coherent exchange of momentum between atoms and light.
M. Cashen, O. Rivoire, V. Romanenko, L. Yatsenko, and H. Metcalf Strong optical forces in frequency-modulated light. Phys. Rev. A 64, 063411 (2001)
Boucher also created uncontroversial memorial sculptures to distinguished cultural figures, such as Yves Guyot, Charles Le Goffic and the poet André Rivoire.
According to Aggoun and Rivoire (2004), OJAL was a name that was made up by a group within the DRS, the Algerian security service:
André Rivoire (5 May 1872 – 19 August 1930) was a French poet and playwright whose work was defined by the delicate precision of his observation.
former pro riders: Marco Siffredi Aleksi Vanninen, Anssi Manninen, Thomas Harstadt, Domen Bizjak, Flo Mausser, Friedl May, Bruno Rivoire, Alan Finlay, Neil Conolly and Matti Rautanen, Lisa Filzmoser, Dominique Vallée, and Conny Bleicher
Roger Bontemps appears several times in French literature, such as in a play by André Rivoire. The figure also appears in a poem by William Makepeace Thackeray, first published in his 1852 anthology, "The Paris Sketchbook".
Rivoire was born in Vienne, Isère, in eastern France. He studied at the Lycée de Lyon and then at Lycée Henri-IV. A student of Henri Bergson, he showed an early interest in poetry, publishing under the pseudonym "André Suzel".
The first prototype RAMI vehicles were made in wood in 1958 in Villeurbanne, next to Lyon, by a Monsieur Rivoire. Production models were made in Lure of the department Haute Saône about 175 miles northeast of Lyon, near the border with Switzerland and Germany.
Troupe members, all female, were Lillian Shapiro, Mary Rivoire, Dorothy Bird, Sydney Brenner, Louise Creston, Ailes Gilmour, Mattie Haim, Lily Mehlman, Sophie Maslow, Pauline Nelson, May O'Donnell, Lillian Ray, Ethel Rudy, Gertrude Shurr, Anna Sokolov and Joan Woodruff. The work was also known as "Bacchanale No. 2.", and was presented with that title beginning June 2, 1932, at a performance in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
His videos often consist of collages of images and sounds from all backgrounds : excerpts of policy interventions, home videos, animated gifs, etc. In 2003, Annick Rivoire judge his work class "above average achievements on the Internet". It also carries out machinima, films directed by filming inside a virtual world or a video game.
Before he started using the name "Danger", Rivoire trained to be a graphic designer and worked as one professionally. When not working, he practiced digital music production. His track "11h30" was created during this time and contains his own vocals, but no lyrics; the vocals instead consist of mixed-up syllables.
The Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali was designed in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1871, and is one of the very few purpose-built commercial buildings in the centre of the city. On the ground floor of this palace is the historical cafè Rivoire.
His last apprentice, from 1716 until the time of Coney's death, was Apollos Rivoire, father of Paul Revere, and his indirect influence on Revere was considerable. Other apprentices included the brothers Samuel (1684-1713) and John (1692-1720) Gray, early silversmiths from Connecticut, and John Burt.
To celebrate forty years of Town Twinning Noisy-Le-Sec commissioned Olley to design a mural to commemorate the occasion. The 4x3 metre panel depicting the links with South Shields, Arganda del Rey (Spain) and Djeol (Mauritania) was unveiled by Madam le Maire, Nicol RIVOIRE in 2003.
After the Aesop exhibitions, he turned his attention to the French fabulist La Fontaine. Twenty new works were produced for exhibitions in both the twin towns of Noisy-Le-Sec and Epinay-Sur-Seine. Opened officially the mayors of both towns Mm Rivoire and Mr Herve Chevreau respectively.