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The music clip included in the CD+DVD Edition stars Riyu Kosaka, along with clips from the movie.
Every Struggle is the second studio album by Riyu Kosaka and her first major album since she joined record label Avex Trax. It was released on February 27, 2008. This album features 7 new tracks, as well a slight different version of "" and marks the return of Naoki Maeda as a compositor for Riyu.
This song is playable as a cover in Drummania/GuitarFreaks V4. It was covered by BeForU member Riyu Kosaka.
SHOOTING STAR is an exclusive song for this album sung by Riyu Kosaka, and later featured in "beatmaniaIIDX 10th style".
In 2008, Riyu released her second studio album, Every Struggle, which was also her debut album on a major record label. The album contained her four most recent singles at the time and 7 new tracks, for a total of 11 tracks overall. Due to the break-up of BeForU in late 2008, Riyu did not produce any solo works for some time.
"Yamato Nadeshiko" (大和撫子魂, "Spirit of the Daughters of Japan") is a single by Riyu Kosaka released on October 18, 2006. This is her second solo single. It was released as both a CD, a CD+DVD, and as a special box together with fellow BeForU member Noria's single Love2Clutch entitled "Riyu Kosaka & Noria Special CD-Box".
"LOVE♥SHINE" is a solo song by Riyu Kosaka appearing as a shortened version in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME and Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova
Begin is the first Japanese album by J-Pop group BeForU member Riyu Kosaka, released June 11, 2004. Many of these tracks are covers of popular bemani songs.
"ヒマワリ" or "Himawari is the Japanese word for Sunflower. It is a solo song by Riyu Kosaka which debuted in "GuitarsFreaks 10th Mix & DrumMania 9th Mix".
In 2007, Riyu Kosaka recorded a song for the film Kamen Rider The Next, "Platinum Smile". The song is an insert song for the movie with Kosaka providing the singing voice for Erika Mori, who portrays Chiharu Kazami, the younger sister of Shiro Kazami/Kamen Rider V3. In December 2007, Riyu released her sixth single, Kokoro no ato. The song was used as the introduction song in the anime Mokke.
"チカラ" (Chikara) means "power" or "strength" in Japanese. Originally a song from "GuitarsFreaks 9th Mix & DrumMania 8th Mix, this song is sung primarily by Riyu Kosaka and features the other members as the chorus.
In 2005, Haruo Inoue triggered a cutting edge phenomena of short films distributed through collaboration with cellular phone company, au, to achieve theatrical release, with films such as "Tameiki no Riyu" and "Bird Call" starting top fashion models.
"LOVE♥SHINE" is a song by 小坂りゆ. The song is composed by Naoki Maeda, with the leader of the J-Pop group BeForU, Riyu Kosaka as the vocalist.
The soundtrack was primarily composed by David Wise, who previously contributed music for the original SNES "Donkey Kong Country" games. Additional music was provided by Daisuke Matsuoka, Minako Hamano, Shinji Ushiroda, and Riyu Tamura under the supervision of Kenji Yamamoto.
"LOVE②Clutch" (LOVE②くらっち, romanized as "LOVE2kuracchi", "LOVE2Clutch" or "LOVE LOVE Clutch") is the first solo single released by BeForU member Noria Shiraishi. Released on October 18, 2006, the single was released in a CD-only format, a CD+DVD set, and as part of a box set, Riyu Kosaka & Noria Special CD-Box, which included a single from fellow BeForU member Riyu Kosaka. The CD+DVD set included all of the tracks on the CD version, plus a promotional video and an animation clip. The box set version also included a DVD, as well as a CD with several remixes of the title track.
"Danzai no Hana: Guilty Sky" (断罪の花: Guilty Sky, literally "Conviction's Flower") is a single by Riyu Kosaka released on May 16, 2007. This is her third solo single. It was released as both a CD, and a CD+DVD. Danzai no Hana was used as one of the outro songs to the anime Claymore (TV series).
"True..." is the first single by Riyu Kosaka. It was released on October 17, 2001. It features her solo track "True...", which debuted on Konami's DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix. It also features a cover of BeForU's Dive, entitled Dive to the Night.
Yoshihiro Ike was in charge of the music direction in the anime. is sung by Riyu Kosaka as the opening theme. Its single was released on December 12, 2007 by avex trax. is sung by Mai Hashimoto as the ending theme.
Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: one opening theme and one ending theme. The opening theme is by visual kei rock band Nightmare. The ending theme is J-pop singer Riyu Kosaka's single, . These two themes are used in all twenty-six episodes.
BeForU's third album, "BeForU III: Breaking Into the Probability Changes" was released on March 14, 2007 BeForU performed live at Zepp Tokyo for BeForU LIVE 2007. In addition to "BeForU III", Riyu has released a solo project called Guilty Sky for the anime CLAYMORE.