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Roberto Maroni (MP for Northern League and Home Office Minister)
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The current President of Lombardy is Roberto Maroni, who is serving for his first term after winning the 2013 regional election.
All throughout 2011 the faction around Tosi (close to Roberto Maroni at the federal level) won most provincial congresses in Veneto, including that of Treviso.
In September 2013 Roberto Maroni, who had been secretary of the party for just about a year, announced he would soon step down from the party's leadership.
Umberto Bossi, Roberto Maroni, Davide Caparini and Mario Borghezio took position against the incursion. In Bellerio were seized some shirts, gadgets, and posters.
According to the final results, Roberto Maroni was the new President of Lombardy with more than 40% of the votes, obtaining the greater bonus given by the electoral law.
After the attacks, the Italian interior minister, Roberto Maroni, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, said the tensions were a result of "too much tolerance towards clandestine immigration".
Autonomist presidents lead four out twenty regions of Italy: Veneto (Luca Zaia, Liga Veneta), Aosta Valley (Augusto Rollandin, Valdostan Union), Lombardy (Roberto Maroni, Lega Lombarda) and Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol (Lorenzo Dellai, Union for Trentino).
Roberto Calderoli is a leading member of the Northern League. He is regarded as representing the right wing of the political spectrum and Bergamo, whereas Roberto Maroni represents the area originating from the left wing and Varese.
The president of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, called on Pope Francis to "immediately proclaim him St Jacques" on the day he died. The hashtag #santosubito ("saint now") trended on Twitter.
The LL elected its new leadership at a congress on 1–2 June 2012. Matteo Salvini ran as candidate of the faction around Roberto Maroni, while Cesarino Monti was the candidate of the old guard and of Bossi's loyalists.
In 2001 Sacconi joined Forza Italia and was appointed Under-Secretary of Labour in Silvio Berlusconi's governments. After five years in office as deputy of Minister Roberto Maroni, he was elected senator in 2006 and re-elected in 2008.
In early 1994, some days before the announcement of the Bossi–Berlusconi pact which led to the formation of the Pole of Freedoms, Roberto Maroni, Bossi's number two, signed an agreement with Mario Segni's centrist Pact for Italy, which was later cancelled.
Following this result, since May 2008 Lega Nord was represented in Berlusconi's fourth cabinet by four ministers (Roberto Maroni, Interior; Luca Zaia, Agriculture; Umberto Bossi, Reforms and Federalism; Roberto Calderoli, Legislative simplification) and five under-secretaries (Roberto Castelli, Infrastructures; Michelino Davico, Interior; Daniele Molgora, Economy and Finances; Francesca Martini, Health; Maurizio Balocchi, Legislative simplification).
According to many observers, under Matteo Salvini the party has lurched to the right, but both Salvini, a former communist, and Luca Zaia insist the party is "neither right nor left", while Roberto Maroni, another former leftist, stated: "we are a big political movement which has in its platform issues and people of right and left".
In the latest regional election, which took place on 24–25 February 2013, Roberto Maroni of Lega Lombarda–Lega Nord was elected President of Lombardy with the support of The People of Freedom. The election was the first snap election in Lombard political history and the first one paired with a senatorial election.
Lega Lombarda is one of the national sections of Lega Nord and, along with Liga Veneta, it constitutes the bulk of the federal party. Its main members include Matteo Salvini (federal secretary of Lega Nord), Roberto Maroni (President of Lombardy), Umberto Bossi, Roberto Calderoli, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Gian Marco Centinaio, Francesco Speroni and Roberto Castelli.
The president of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, and others publicly called for him to be made a saint. The process to make him a saint commenced in October 2016 after Pope Francis issued a decree of dispensation waving the traditional five-year waiting period before the activation of a cause.