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calcarata              gracilipes              debilis              insulare              tenellus              virgata              campanulata              horrida              cornuta              costata              asperum              subulata              foveolata              strigosa              pygmaea              setigera              rostrata              coriacea              fastigiata              pectinata              sinuata              angulatus              rubida              ferruginea              zebrina              perrieri              pulvinata              rubiginosa              hookeri              complanata              pumilum              tomentosus              aculeata              tuberculata              mucronata              ellipticus              connata              nitidum              caesia              foliacea              bispinosa              velutinus              ventricosa              anomalum              eximia              pustulata              caliginosa              ciliata              spathulata              brevipes             

Examples of "robustum"
"M. robustum" is a large, fairly long-living animal compared to other members of its family;
Astronidium robustum is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Fiji.
Lacistema robustum is a species of plant in the Lacistemataceae family. It is endemic to Brazil.
The larvae feed on "Commidendrum robustum". They probably mine the leaves of their host plant.
Calophyllum robustum is a species of flowering plant in the Calophyllaceae family.
"Sason robustum" is characterized by absence of teeth on the claws; cuspules present on
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Ligustrum robustum" in China and "Olea", "Lonicera", "Ligustrum", "Fraxinus" and "Osmanthus" species elsewhere.
Austrophanes robustum is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae, the only species in the genus Austrophanes.
Dorcadion robustum is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Ludwig Ganglbauer in 1883.
Nidularium campos-portoi var. robustum is a species in the genus "Nidularium". This species is endemic to Brazil.
Sturisoma robustum is a species of armored catfish native to the La Plata Basin of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. This species grows to a length of SL.
Leptorhoptrum is a genus of spiders in the Linyphiidae family. It was first described in 1894 by Kulczyński. , it contains only one species, Leptorhoptrum robustum.
Dinocardium robustum, common name the Atlantic giant cockle, is a species of large saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Cardiidae, the cockles.
Sason robustum is a species of barychelid trapdoor spiders. It is only found in southern India, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles.
Robustum nodum is the one species of a problematic genus of Ordovician hemithecellid mollusc proposed by Stinchcomb and Darrough in 1995.
Astronidium degeneri - Astronidium floribundum - Astronidium inflatum - Astronidium kasiense - Astronidium lepidotum - Astronidium macranthum - Astronidium pallidiflorum - Astronidium robustum - Astronidium saulae - Astronidium storckii - Astronidium tomentosum - Astronidium victoriae
and the larvae feed on "Ligustrum robustum" (Oleaceae). It has been tested for biological control programms of its host-plant in La Réunion but had not been released.
The robust redhorse, Moxostoma robustum, is a redhorse-type fish that lives in the freshwater streams of the eastern United States. It was previously called the smallfin redhorse.
Hypocalymma robustum (Swan River Myrtle) is a species of shrub in the myrtle family Myrtaceae. It is endemic to the south west region of Western Australia.
Itheum robustum is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Oke in 1932. It is known from Australia.