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Examples of "rochberg"
Fantasia-Marcia for piano, after George Rochberg (1987), 3 minutes.
Anhalt met George Rochberg at an International Conference of Composers at the Stratford Festival in Ontario during the summer of 1960, and the two became great friends. Rochberg was born in New Jersey, and both come from a Jewish background.
George Rochberg (July 5, 1918May 29, 2005) was an American composer of contemporary classical music. Long a serial composer, Rochberg abandoned the practice following the death of his teenage son in 1964; he claimed this compositional technique had proved inadequate to express his grief and had found it empty of expressive intent. By the 1970s, Rochberg's use of tonal passages in his music had invoked controversy among critics and fellow composers. A teacher at the University of Pennsylvania until 1983, Rochberg also served as chairman of its music department until 1968 and was named the first Annenberg Professor of the Humanities in 1978. For notable students
The novel was turned into an opera by George Rochberg; it was premiered by the Santa Fe Opera in 1982, but was not held to be a success.
Hartke's musical influences include Stravinsky, medieval music, Tudor church music, bebop, gagaku, gamelan, other non-Western musics, and his teachers Leonardo Balada and George Rochberg.
She has written professional articles including: "The Survival of Aesthetics: Books by Boulez, Delio, Rochberg". Perspectives of New Music 27, no. 1 (Winter): 272-303 (1989)
Of the works Rochberg composed early in his career, the Symphony No. 2 (1955–56) stands out as an accomplished serial composition by an American composer. He is perhaps best known for his String Quartets Nos. 3–6 (1972–78). Rochberg conceived Nos. 4-6 as a set and named them the "Concord Quartets" after the Concord String Quartet, which premiered and recorded the works. The String Quartet No. 6 includes a set of variations on the Pachelbel Canon in D.
In America, composers like Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Elliott Carter, Henry Cowell, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, George Rochberg, and Roger Sessions, formed their own ideas. Some of these composers (Cage, Cowell, Glass, Reich) represented a new methodology of experimental music, which began to question fundamental notions of music such as notation, performance, duration, and repetition, while others (Babbitt, Rochberg, Sessions) fashioned their own extensions of the twelve-tone serialism of Schoenberg.
Rochberg served as chairman of the music department at the University of Pennsylvania until 1968 and continued to teach there until 1983. In 1978, he was named the first Annenberg Professor of the Humanities .
In 2003, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2007, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Selections from his correspondence with American composer George Rochberg were published in 2007.
He has also expanded the body of music for classical guitar by commissioning new pieces from composers, such as Leonardo Balada, Luciano Berio, William Bolcom, Nicholas Maw, Xavier Montsalvatge, George Rochberg, and Kurt Schwertsik.
———. 1987. “Feeding Dumuzi’s sheep: The lexicon as a source of literary inspiration.” In "Language, literature, and history: Philological and historical studies presented to Erica Reiner," ed. Francesca Rochberg-Halton. AOS 67. Pp. 37-55. New Haven: American Oriental Society.
Wincenc has served as a judge for the Rampal and Kobe International Flute Competitions. She has commissioned more than 30 pieces for the flute by leading composers including Samuel Adler, David Del Tredici, Henryk Górecki, George Rochberg, and others.
This central movement forms the cornerstone of the arch form. It is composed of new material in a traditional theme and variations form. Rochberg said this movement drew from “the harmonic/polyphonic palette of the Classical and Romantic traditions.”
Francesca Rochberg (Halton) (born May 8, 1952 in Philadelphia) is an American Assyriologist, historian of science, and Catherine and William L. Magistretti Distinguished Professor of Near Eastern Studies at University of California, Berkeley.
James Freeman, musician and teacher at Swarthmore College, said this about Rochberg and serialism: "If George Rochberg can do something like that, there's nothing that I can't do and get away with it. I don't have to write 12-tone music; I can if I want to. I can write stuff that sounds like Brahms. I can do anything I want. I'm free. And that was an extraordinary feeling in the late 1960s for young composers, I think, many of whom felt really constrained to write serial music" .
For a time, he hosted a classical radio program on KBOO, community radio, in Portland, Oregon. He would host telephone interviews with famous composers. Some of these people included; Benjamin Lees, John Cage, George Crumb, George Rochberg, Ned Rorem, Karel Husa, and William Schuman. Berry edited the interviews to make them a half-hour in length, often adding excerpts of the particular composers music.
He performed and recorded with Angelin Chang, Jascha Heifetz, Ruggiero Ricci, Isaac Stern, Gregor Piatigorsky, and Anshel Brusilow, among others. He also premiered several important compositions of the viola repertoire, including the Viola Concerto by Walter Piston and the Viola Sonata by George Rochberg, and recorded for the RCA, Sony, Boston, Albany Records, and Decca labels.
Amacher was born in Kane, Pennsylvania, to an American nurse and a Swiss freight train worker. As the only child, she grew up playing the piano. Amacher left Kane to attend the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship where she received a B.F.A in 1964. While there she studied composition with George Rochberg and Karlheinz Stockhausen.
Russell Peck was a cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan (1966), where he also received Master and Doctoral degrees in composition (1967 and 1972). His teachers included Clark Eastham, Leslie Bassett, Ross Lee Finney, Gunther Schuller, and George Rochberg.