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Examples of "rodier"
Born in Montreal, Lower Canada, the son of Jean-Baptiste Rodier and Marie-Desanges Sedillot dit Montreuil, Rodier was the nephew of Charles-Séraphin Rodier, a mayor of Montreal. Rodier would later use the suffix "Jr" to his name to tell himself apart from his uncle. Rodier started working at age fourteen as a carpenter and after as a building contractor. He later started a factory to make agricultural tools for farmers. He used to demand mortgages in return for the tools and as a result accumulated a large amount of land in the Montreal area.
Marie-Clément Rodier, C.S.Sp. (born Vital Rodier; 1839–1904) was a French missionary brother in Algeria. He is credited with creating the clementine variety of mandarin orange in 1902.
His nephew, Charles-Séraphin Rodier, was a member of the Senate of Canada.
Charles-Séraphin Rodier (October 6, 1818 – January 26, 1890) was a Canadian businessman and politician.
His cousin Charles-Séraphin Rodier later served as mayor of Montreal.
In 1986, Denis Rodier began a career as an illustrator which would transform him, two years later, into a comic book artist. Among his first work for DC Comics was a Batman story published as a Bonus Book in "Detective Comics" #589 (August 1988). Rodier has worked on such world famous characters as Batman, Captain America and Wonder Woman. It was his work on Superman that garnered Rodier his greatest acclaim, especially on the award-winning "The Death of Superman" story arc.
Rodier is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:
It is the city where the known fruit Clementine were discovered by Father Clément Rodier in 1892.
The party included several leading radicals, including Alphonse Verville, Joseph-Alphonse Rodier, Joseph Ainey, Isisdore Tremblay and Narcisse Arcand.
Rodier also did an extra page for Hergé's "Tintin in Tibet" which Hergé deleted from his comic.
For the story Rodier didn't win the contest as he was disqualified for using already existing characters.
Born in Montreal, Lower Canada, the son of Jean-Baptiste Rodier and Julie-Catherine Le Jeune, Rodier was a merchant who ran a dry goods shop in Montreal. He was the first merchant in Montreal to import goods from Great Britain and France. He retired in 1836.
Édouard-Étienne Rodier (December 26, 1804 – February 5, 1840) was a lawyer and political figure in Lower Canada.
Charles-Séraphin Rodier (4 October 1797 – 4 February 1876) was a Canadian merchant, lawyer, mayor of Montreal and legislative councillor of Quebec.
2. Sadr, K. & Rodier, X. 2012. Google Earth, GIS and stone-walled structures in southern Gauteng, South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 39: 1034–1042.
Yves Rodier (born June 5, 1967) is a Franco-Québécois comic strip creator known for his many pastiches of "The Adventures of Tintin".
The unfinished Tintin book "Tintin and Alph-Art" was unofficially completed by Rodier in black-and-white. Several groups have coloured it, such as 'Alph-junis', and have translated it into English. It was published in Autumn 1986 and then presented to Moulinsart. Rodier asked that it become an official book but Moulinsart refused. In 1991, Rodier met Bob de Moor, and together they asked for permission to re-draw the book. Moulinsart still disagreed and De Moor died in 1992. Rodier later re-drew certain parts of it to make them more akin to the style of Hergé. This new edition is much rarer and was released on CD-ROM, as opposed to being printed like the original edition.
Derek Rodier (born 4 February 1959 in Edinburgh) is a Scottish former footballer who played for Hibernian, Dunfermline Athletic and Berwick Rangers.
He was the oldest son of Jean Pelet de la Lozère (1759-1842), a deputy to the French National Convention, and of Marie Antoinette Rodier.
Denis Rodier is a comic book illustrator; he has worked for multiple companies including DC Comics, Milestone Media, and Marvel Comics.