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krsta              xhelal              kolonja              izvornik              pjeter              bardhyl              zyhdi              shefqet              kozluca              kavaja              golyamo              kayalar              prizreni              dishnica              bademli              karavelovo              gjika              spahiu              dashnor              jakupi              ljube              mehmeda              shkurti              kolyo              hajredin              borova              klanac              eshref              hajdar              xhevdet              hendek              grabovci              kaynardzha              radojica              sotir              mihal              ljuta              spasoje              belev              isperih              berati              akbaba              abaz              selimi              hysni              lzhk              petrit              radojevo              gajo              krenar             

Examples of "rodop"
Founded in April 1929 in Kardzhali by Lütfi Takanoğlu. Rodop focused on the rights, freedoms and national matters of the Turkish population in Bulgaria. Most known writers in Rodop were Mustafa Şerif Alyanak and Ömer Kaşif Nalbandoğlu. As many other Turkish newspapers in Bulgaria Rodop was forced to stop its operations during 1934 and its writers were either expelled or forced to seek refuge in Turkey.
Recently Ulueren has been criticized due to the unfavoured and heated arguments that usually take place in his weekly programme Telegol. The television ratings have even decreased due to the unnecessary fall outs. Serhat works alongside: Ziya Şengül (a former player for Fenerbahçe and Turkey), Gökmen Özdenak (former striker for Galatasaray and Turkey), Adnan Aybaba (brother of a former Beşiktaş J.K. player), Sabri Ugan (presenter and commentator for Startv) and former Turkcell Super League referee Cem Papila. Serhat Ulueren is a close friend of fellow Startv journalists Süleyman Rodop (who has worked with Ulueren for about 18 years) and Ertem Şener (also a soccer commentator).
Archaeological findings in the municipality area include a Neolithic site in Rudnik, and remains of a Roman necropolis in Gornji Obilić. The municipality cadastral area includes several settlements that existed during the Middle Ages, among which some exist still today, such as Leočina, Poljance, Banja, and others. There are ruins of a church dating to the 14th century in southern Leočina. The Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1436, in Banja, as the endowment of Serbian magnate Rodop. The Devič monastery was built in Lauša near Srbica in the 15th century, dedicated to the local monk, St. Joanikije (d. 1430). The Church of St. John was built in the 16th century on the ruins of a 14th-century church, in Leočina; the church is surrounded by an old and large Serbian graveyard with tombs dating to the 17th–19th centuries. A 16th-century church and cemetery is located in Rudnik.
Banje or Banja Rudnička is an Old Serbian settlement. It is mentioned for the first time in a charter of Serbian King Stefan Uroš I (r. 1243–1276), dating to the mid-13th century, granted ("metochion") to the Gračanica monastery. It was then granted by King Stefan Milutin (r. 1282–1321) to the Banjska Monastery. The village church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, was founded by nobleman Rodop who served Serbian Despot Đurađ Branković (r. 1427–1456), and was buried here in 1436. Two bells found in its ruins are preserved in the Monastery of the Patriarchate of Peć and National Museum in Belgrade. Between 1936–41 the church was renovated, but destroyed during World War II by Albanian fascists. In 1971 the church was reconstructed. The church was used as a model for an Orthodox church in Norway.