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walicke              caelles              sirotich              rojotte              haiss              goderis              caamano              koevoets              aharinejad              biord              pedeutour              chikugi              dizio              sorebo              fertl              shanler              nerucci              rahmes              rimassa              tsirline              kucharczyk              gaides              vajha              ransbury              stonestrom              labarriere              ciriza              kudera              bonome              grannen              kunstfeld              calvio              gabbianelli              meverden              vanderkerckhove              marynowski              santolaria              scharfmann              robole              nohaira              caminschi              kronenthal              beeckler              carrasquillo              wingeier              deligianni              bertolino              hamerski              rotemouse              vikkula             

Examples of "rogez"
Malaza fastuosus is a butterfly in the Hesperiidae family. It is found on Madagascar (the west coast, Fito, Rogez Forest).
Ernest Rogez (16 March 1908 – 24 March 1986) was a French water polo player who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics.
Habitability of the Solar System is covered in the next section of the book. Armando Azua-Bustos, Rafael Vicuna, and Raymond Pierrehumbert speculate about early Mars, which is thought to have had physical conditions much more hospitable for life than present day Mars. Athena Coustenis and Michel Leblanc talk about the most habitable moons of Jupiter and Saturn: Europa and Titan, respectively. Then, Julie Castillo-Rogez and Jonathan Lunine consider even smaller habitable worlds, such as Enceladus.