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Examples of "rohrdorf"
Rohrdorf was first mentioned in 788 in the "notitia arnonis".
Rohrdorf is a town in the district of Calw in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.
The "Bodenseesender" radio transmitter in the nearby village of Rohrdorf was turned off in February 2012.
Rohrdorf is a former municipality in the district of Baden in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland.
Rohrdorf is a municipality in the district of Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It is located in the Inn valley.
Niederrohrdorf is first mentioned in 1179 as "Rordorf". In 1275 it was mentioned as "Nidern Rordorf". In 1854 the municipality of Rohrdorf split into Niederrohrdorf, Oberrohrdorf and Remetschwil.
Remetschwil is first mentioned in 1184 as "Reimiswilare". In 1854 the independent municipality was created when Rohrdorf split into Niederrohrdorf, Oberrohrdorf and Remetschwil.
Alexander Schnetzler (born 17 April 1979 in Rohrdorf) is a German professional footballer who plays as a right-back for SC Pfullendorf.
Oberrohrdorf is first mentioned in 1179 as "Rordorf". Around 1303-08 it was mentioned as "ze Oberen-Rordorf". The hamlet of Staretschwil was first mentioned in 1124 as "Starchoswilare". In 1854 the municipality of Rohrdorf split into Niederrohrdorf, Oberrohrdorf and Remetschwil.
Eutingen im Gäu station is located on the plateau about 3 km to the east of central Eutingen in the district of Rohrdorf on the Stuttgart–Hattingen railway (also known as the "Gäubahn" or Gau Railway) and it is the starting point historically of the Eutingen im Gäu–Freudenstadt railway.
The originally separate settlements Unterberikon (Lower Berikon) and Oberberikon (Upper Berikon) fell under the territorial lordship of the city of Zurich in 1415, when the "Eidgenossen" (Confederacy) conquered Aargau. Later, in 1471, Unterberikon became part of "Amt" Rohrdorf in the county of Baden, while Oberberikon fell under the oversight of the Kelleramt (Freiamt Affoltern).
St. George's Abbey was founded in 1096 by the Counts of Altshausen-Veringen. In 1106 the foundation was confirmed by Pope Paschal II. Towards the end of the 12th century a Benedictine nunnery was also established in Isny but this was moved in about 1189 to Rohrdorf.
Bodenseesender () was a radio transmission facility of SWR (until 1998 SWF) near Messkirch-Rohrdorf in Southern Germany for medium wave established in 1964. It shut down on January 8, 2012, and one month later, on February 7, 2012, the last mast was demolished.
Initially ownership of the county was shared between the seven cantons which had participated in the invasion. Starting in 1443 this was expanded into all Eight Cantons or "Acht Orte". It was divided into eight inner (Rohrdorf, Birmenstorf, Gebenstorf, Dietikon, Wettingen, Siggenthal, Ehrendingen, Leuggern) and three outer districts (Klingnau, Zurzach, Kaiserstuhl), which included the parishes of Kadelburg, Lienheim and Hohentengen on the right bank of the Rhine.
Near Nierstein on the other side of the Rhine, not far from the Kornsand-Geinsheim linking road, at , is a transmission facility for SWR’s VHF broadcasts consisting of a 138 m-tall guyed steel-lattice mast with a triangular cross-section. This mast was originally part of the Bodenseesender directional antenna at Meßkirch-Rohrdorf, which was dismantled in the 1970s and reassembled in Nierstein in 1981.
Bellikon was first documented on October 11, 1064, in the foundation charter of Muri Abbey, though it was first individually mentioned in the 12th Century as "Pellikon". Bellikon and Hausen at first paid tithes to Murbach Abbey in Alsace, but was later part of the Habsburg territories. In 1415, the Aargau was conquered and thereafter Bellikon belonged to the village of Rohrdorf in the County of Baden. In 1798, Bellikon became part of the Canton of Baden in the Helvetic Republic. Bellikon was merged with Hausen in 1803 and became part of Aargau Canton.
Count Heinrich II of Rapperswil bought lands in Wettingen sometime after 1220, and gave it the name Wettingen, believed to be named after his wife's family von Wetterau. He had married in 1220 to Mechtidis von Wetter, her brother was Count Lutold I von Wetter. And as well as the advowson of the village church. After being miraculously saved from shipwreck during the crusades, he gave his possessions in Wettingen to Salem Abbey, a Cistercian house in the north of the region around the Bodensee. The piece of land for the construction of the new buildings was given by the nunnery at Schänis. Eberhard of Rohrdorf, abbot of Salem, dispatched the twelve monks necessary for a new foundation and some lay-brothers under Konrad, the abbot-designate, previously Eberhard's deputy.
Schnetzler began his career with SV Rohrdorf and joined in summer 1990 to the youth from SC Pfullendorf. After nine years on youthside for SC Pfullendorf was in summer 1999 promoted to the first team, who played between July 2004 seventy-four games, who scores six goals before signed with FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt. He played in his five years for FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt hundred-eight games and scores eight goals, before announced his leaving on 29 May 2009. and signed a two-years-contract with VfL Osnabrück on 23 June 2009. After two years in which he played forty-five games and scored one goal he left VfL Osnabrück and signed a one-year-contract with Dynamo Dresden on 9 June 2011. he left Dynamo after one year and only one league appearance and returned to SC Pfullendorf.
At Rosenheim the line runs to the northeast and crosses the Inn. The former branch line to Frasdorf branches off at the former Landl station; it is now runs only to Rohrdorf and only carries freight to the local cement plant. After that, the route makes a steep climb to Simssee. This is followed by Bad Endorf (Oberbay) station, where a branch line branches off to Obing. It was closed down by Deutsche Bahn in 1996, but reopened on 1 July 2006 as a tourist railway known as the Chiemgau Lokalbahn (local railway), operating mainly on summer Sundays and public holidays. The line continues west of the Chiemsee lake towards Prien am Chiemsee station, where two lines connect. On the northern side is the narrow gauge Chiemsee Railway ("Chiemseebahn") to the port of Prien-Stock on Chiemsee, said to be the oldest continuously operating steam railway in the world. On the south side is the Chiemgau Railway ("Chiemgau Bahn") to Aschau im Chiemgau. The line then runs through Bernau am Chiemsee station and continues to the east. A line formerly ran from Übersee station to Marquartstein. It crosses the Tiroler Ache river at Übersee and then follows a gradient of 1:100 to Bergen (Oberbay) station.