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Examples of "roir"
ROIR Dub Sessions is a compilation album by American composer Bill Laswell, released on November 18, 2003 by ROIR.
"Rojr", "roir" and "rör" are Gutnish words for cairn.
New York Thrash is a hardcore punk compilation album released by ROIR in 1982.
Ghost Riders is a live performance album by Suicide, released in 1986 by ROIR.
Hillside Airstrip is the second studio album by 10 Foot Ganja Plant. Released on the ROIR record label.
Dub Chamber 3 is the eleventh solo album by American composer Bill Laswell, released on April 25, 2000 by ROIR.
Father Divine is a studio album by American hip hop musician Mike Ladd. It was released on ROIR in 2005.
She also appears on "Ten Roir Years", Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo appear on this album as well.
Neil Cooper (1930–2001) was the founder and head of independent US cassette and record label ROIR.
In 1989, In-Effect Records released a CD version, with the same track listing, titled Attitude: The ROIR Sessions.
ROIR released its first cassette, by James Chance and the Contortions, in 1981. In 1982, ROIR released the compilation album "New York Thrash", documenting the hardcore punk scene in the New York metropolitan area. It has since become a definitive album in the genre.
2X4 is a collection of concert recordings by the German group Einstürzende Neubauten. ROIR released "2X4" in 1984 in cassette-only format (as was the case for all early ROIR releases). The live tracks were recorded in various European cities between 1980 and 1983. Kurt Loder wrote the liner notes. The album was re-released on CD in 1997.
Bad Brains (also known as The Yellow Tape or Attitude: The ROIR Sessions) is the debut studio album recorded by American hardcore punk/reggae band Bad Brains Recorded in 1981 and released on the cassette-only label ROIR in 1982, many fans refer to it as ""The Yellow Tape"" because of its yellow packaging, much in the way that the Beatles' self-titled record is often called "The White Album." Though Bad Brains had recorded the 16 song "Black Dots" album in 1979 and the 5-song "Omega Sessions" EP in 1980, the ROIR cassette was the band's first release of anything longer than a single.
In 1996, ROIR reissued the original album on CD, featuring a hidden bonus track, followed by an on LP version the following year.
In December 1982 The Raincoats recorded a live album at The Kitchen arts space in New York. "The Kitchen Tapes" was released on cassette by ROIR in 1983.
Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission is the fifteenth solo album by American composer Bill Laswell, released on September 21, 2004 by ROIR.
ROIR (pronounced "roar"), or Reachout International Records, is a New York City-based record label founded in 1979 by Neil Cooper.
This is a re-release of the first studio album by 10 Foot Ganja Plant. Released on the ROIR record label. The release features two bonus tracks.
Chapter Two is the second album by American composer Bill Laswell issued under the moniker Sacred System. It was released on September 16, 1997 by ROIR.
The release came about as Allin's notoriety was growing in New York and New England. ROIR Records president Neil Cooper had approached Mykel Board, Maximum RockNRoll columnist and owner of Siedboard World Enterprises, about the possibility of ROIR doing a GG Allin cassette, since Allin had already had friendly dealings with Board, stemming from Allin's contribution to a compilation album Board had compiled in 1981.