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kaaval              vayasu              oomai              raagangal              mattum              samsaram              mounam              chuvanna              ninne              kaattu              neeku              vizhigal              njaan              kavithai              niram              thalaivan              paravaigal              nenjathai              payale              konjum              njaanum              koottam              vilakkum              marupakkam              sahasam              alaigal              illalu              anubhavam              murattu              ithu              unnidathil              geetham              neramillai              varai              vedham              thottu              sivappu              ilamai              theerpu              iniyum              velai              kaatru              manamum              killathe              njanum              kireedam              adhu              unakkaga              adimaigal              anuraga             

Examples of "rojakkal"
"Sigappu Rojakkal" was remade in Hindi as "Red Rose"
The success of the film inspired similar themes about psychopathic killers - "Moodupani" (1980), "Kadhal Kondein" (2003), "Manmadhan" (2004), "Nadunisi Naaigal" (2011). Footage from "Sigappu Rojakkal" was also used in "Yugam" (2012). The line "Kuthunga Yesamaan Kuthunga, Indha Ponnungale Ippadithaan Kuthunga" from the song "Ivaluga Imsai Thaanga Mudiyala" in "Kalakalappu" (2012) was named after the dialogue of the same name in "Sigappu Rojakkal".
After her retirement as a heroine, she acted in some films including "Ananda Bhairavi", "Shrimad Virat Veerabrahmendra Swami Charitra", "Johnny", "Sigappu Rojakkal", "Mouna Ragam" and more as a supporting role.
Sigappu Rojakkal () is a 1978 Indian Tamil-language psychological thriller film starring Kamal Haasan and Sridevi. Co-written and directed by P. Bharathiraja, it features music by Ilaiyaraaja and cinematography by P. S. Nivas.
Sridevi's first release of 1977 was "Gayathri" followed by "Kavikkuyil" and "16 Vayathinile" where she played the role of a young girl who is caught between her two lovers. She also starred in the movie's Telugu remake "Padaharella Vayasu" in 1978. Her subsequent notable films included Bharathi Raja's "Sigappu Rojakkal", SP. Muthuraman's "Priya", "Karthika Deepam", "Johnny", "Varumayin Niram Sivappu" and "Aakali Rajyam".
"Moodu Pani" was shot in 30 days in Bangalore. It was also shot at Ooty. According to cinematographer Rajiv Menon, Mahendra was "trying to capture that misty feel" while shooting the film in hilly places. In making "Moodu Pani", Mahendra faced the challenge of distinguishing it from P. Bharathiraja's "Sigappu Rojakkal" (1978), which had a similar theme. The final length of the film was .
In an era of over-dramatised acting in Tamil films, "Sigappu Rojakkal" was one of the notable and the best exceptions. The film was a blockbuster and completed a 175-day run at the box office. The film won two Filmfare Awards in the Best Actor and Best Director categories.
Vartha (Malayalam: വാർത്ത, meaning "News") is a 1986 Indian Malayalam film, directed by IV Sasi and produced by PV Gangadharan. The film stars Mammootty, Mohanlal, Venu Nagavally and Prathapachandran in lead roles. The film had musical score by A. T. Ummer. The film was remade in Tamil as "Paalaivana Rojakkal" with Prabhu and Sathyaraj and in Hindi as "Jai Shiv Shankar" with Rajesh Khanna.
Soft romantic songs like "Indha Minminikku" ("Sigappu Rojakkal"), "Vaan Megangalay" ("Pudhiya Varpugal"), "Malargale Nadha Swarangal" ("Kizhake Pogum Rayil"), "Malargalilay Aaraadhanai" ("Karumbu Vil"), "Kodai Kaala Kaatray" ("Panneer Pushpangal"), "Poove Ilaya Poove" ("Kozhi Koovuthu"), "Thangachangili Minnum Painkili" ("Thooral Ninnu Pochchu"), etc. must be some of the timeless favourites of Tamil film music lovers.
Red Rose is a 1980 Hindi psychological thriller film starring Rajesh Khanna and Poonam Dhillon. It was remake of Tamil Movie "Sigappu Rojakkal" meaning "Red Roses" which had Kamal Haasan and Sridevi in the lead made by the same director Bharathi Raja and the same cinematographer P. S. Nivas.
In a review dated 19 November 1978, the Tamil magazine "Ananda Vikatan" rated "Sigappu Rojakkal" 53 out of 100. Behindwoods wrote: "Kamal Haasan's memorable turn as a serial killer saw him declare war on the female of the species for their deceitful ways which he has experienced firsthand".
His next film "Kizhake Pogum Rail" produced similar results and eventually brought in criticisms that Bharathiraja was capable of catering only to village audiences. This led him to make "Sigappu Rojakkal", about a psychopathic woman hater that was totally Westernized in terms of both conception and production. But contrary to what several observers expected, this film met with box office success and everyone agreed that Bharathiraja was here to stay.
Sakthi was reported to be in a critical condition in December 2011 following a kidney problem and was shifted to a private hospital, but soon went on to make a full recovery. In December 2013, Sakthi collaborated again with Kamal Haasan, with the latter writing and singing a song for Sakthi's short film "Ainthu Rojakkal". The venture starred Sakthi's grandson and granddaughters in the lead and is about how social evils and violence have affected children.
After the recording session of "Ninaivo Oru Paravai" from the film, "Sigappu Rojakkal" (1978), Ilaiyaraaja asked Haasan to record "Panneer Pushpangale" that same afternoon. During the recording session, Ilaiyaraaja suggested that Haasan tone down the opening notes; when Haasan sang perfectly as per his suggestion, Ilaiyaraaja accepted Haasan's next rendition of the song. The song "Uravugal Thodarkathai" was reused in the film "Megha" (2014). Ilaiyaraaja wanted Vannanilavan to write the lyrics for the song, since Vannanilavan had difficulties in writing the lyrics, he opted out. He was subsequently replaced with Gangai Amaran.
P. Bharathiraja, whose first two directorial ventures – "16 Vayathinile" and "Kizhakke Pogum Rail" – were set in villages, chose to make his third film, the thriller "Sigappu Rojakkal" in a different genre to avoid being labelled by people as a director of "village-based films". He wanted actor Sivakumar to act in the lead role in the film, despite his assistant directors preferring Kamal Hassan. But after Bharathiraja narrated the story, Sivakumar rejected the offer, feeling it was not suitable for him. Haasan claims to have known the story of the film six years before shooting began. Shooting took place at a bungalow in T. Nagar.
After a long interval he returned to the film industry as an assistant for M T Vasudevan Nair's "Anubandam". This was a turning point in his life. He worked as an Independent Cameraman for the Tamil film "Pournami Rojakkal". His first independent Malayalam film was Mr. Kaladharan's "Ellarum Chollunnu". He was also given the freedom to work with His Guru for the film "Oh Fabby". The most unexpected and memorable moment was the release of this film as Cinematography title was - " Jayanan Vincent and Venugopal". This is the greatest gift he received from his Guru.
After working with Bharathiraajas hit movies Kizhake Pogum Rail and Sigappu Rojakkal, worked for Ilamai Oonjal Aadukirathu (Tamil: இளமை ஊஞ்சல் ஆடுகிறது; English: Youth is swinging) is a Tamil film directed by C.V.Sridhar. It became a big hit. Then he worked for the movie Salangai oli. Salangai Oli(Tamil: சலங்கை ஒலி) was a box office hit movie directed by K. Viswanath and produced by Edida Nageshwara Rao, starring Kamal Haasan and Jayaprada in lead rolesit .The film is a cult classic over the years, doing great business in all the Southern languages. The film remains as, Kamal Haasan's evergreen Classic Blockbuster. The other movies associated by Nivas are shown below
Janagaraj's career however spun silver in the 1980s. Starting with "Nizhalgal" (1980), and continuing in "Sindhu Bhairavi" (1985), "Palaivana Rojakkal" (1986), "Muthal Vasantham" (1986), "Agni Natchathiram" (1988), "Rajadhi Raja" (1989) and "Apoorva Sagodharargal" (1989). Janagaraj became a popular comedian in Tamil. He is known for his peculiar voice and face expression. He has also acted in supporting roles in films like "Nayakan" (1987), "Annamalai" (1992) and "Baashha" (1995). He was main sidekick for Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth in 80s and early 90s films. Suruli Rajan's untimely death pushed him to forefront for roles that demanded comedy as well as character support.
Sridevi started her career as a child artist in M.A. Thirumugham’s devotional Thunaivan at the age of four, and continued to act as a child artist in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. She made her Bollywood debut as a child artist in the hit "Julie" (1975) and played her first adult role at age 13 with the Tamil film "Moondru Mudichu" (1976). Subsequently, Sridevi established herself as one of the leading actresses of Tamil and Telugu cinema, with roles such as "16 Vayathinile" (1977), "Sigappu Rojakkal" (1978), "Varumayin Niram Sivappu" (1980), "Meendum Kokila" (1981), "Premabhishekam" (1981), "Moondram Pirai" (1982), "Aakhari Poratam" (1988), "Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari" (1990), and "Kshana Kshanam" (1991).
He worked as an assistant to his father in films like "Bommalattam" and noted filmmaker Mani Ratnam in "Bombay". From 2008 til 2010, he worked as an assistant to director S. Shankar in his magnum opus "Enthiran". Since 2007 it has been reported that Manoj was set to remake his father's "Sigappu Rojakkal", but the film still remains in pre-production. In 2012, his father signed him up to replace Ameer in his production, "Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum", as antagonist,thus marking a return to films after a seven-year sabbatical.