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Examples of "rombes"
Krilanovich will be directing The Removals, written by Nicholas Rombes, produced by Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures, for release in 2015.
The initial three films in pre-production are "I'm Not Patrick", written and to be directed by the company's editorial director, Eric Obenauf, "The Removals", written by Nicholas Rombes and to be directed by Grace Krilanovich, and "The Greenbrier Ghost", written by and to be directed by Scott McClanahan and Chris Oxley, based upon the true story of the Greenbrier Ghost.
Recording for the album was expanded by Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) and Leon with percussion effects, which went unmentioned in the liner notes to the album's release. Author Nicholas Rombes said that the production's quality sounded like "the ultimate do-it-yourself, amateur, reckless ethic that is associated with punk," but concluded that they approached the recording process with a "high degree of preparedness and professionalism."
"Ramones" is considered to have established the musical genre of punk rock, as well as popularizing it years afterward. Rombes wrote that it offered "alienated future rock," and that it "disconnected from tradition." The album was the start of the Ramones' influence on popular music, with examples being genres such as heavy metal, thrash metal, indie pop, grunge, post-punk, and most notably, punk rock.
"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," the slowest song on the album, was solely written by Tommy and pays homage to love songs by pop music acts of the 1960s. The song used a 12-string guitar, glockenspiel, and tubular bells in its composition, and was said by author Scott Schinder to be an "unexpected romantic streak." The next song, "Chain Saw," opens with the sound of a running circular saw and was influenced by the 1974 horror film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". At nearly 180 beats per minute, "Chain Saw" had the fastest tempo among the album's songs, and according to Rombes, is the most "home-made" sounding.
Judy Is a Punk was written around the same time as "Beat on the Brat". Joey had explained that the first line came about after he walked by Thorny Croft, an apartment building that Joey said was "where all the kids in the neighborhood hung out on the rooftop and drank." The second line came about after walking down a different street. The lyrics refer to two juvenile offenders in Berlin and San Francisco and their possible deaths at the conclusion of the song. The song acknowledges that it is fictional, according to Nicholas Rombes, who describes this meta-perspective of punk in his analysis of the song as "both a line in a song and a line in a song about a line in a song." "Judy Is a Punk" is the original album's shortest song, being one minute and 32 seconds. The lyrics make joking references about going one better by stating the second time around, "Third verse/different from the first".