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Examples of "romoaldo"
Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti (Cesena, 19 July 1753 – Rome, 30 April 1817) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
Luigi's mother Giulia Braschi was Pius's sister, and his father was conte Girolamo Onesti. His younger brother was Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti, Cardinal and Camerlengo.
Romuald I (also spelled "Romoald" and in Italian "Romoaldo"), duke of Benevento (662–687) was the son of Grimoald, king of the Lombards. When his father usurped the throne in 662, he left Benevento under Romuald and sent the deposed king Perctarit's wife, Rodelinde, and son, Cunincpert, into exile at the Romuald's court in Benevento.
The College, without staff or students, survived the Napoleonic period: account books and legal meetings continued throughout the period, largely due to the support of the Cardinal Protector, Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti, nephew of Pius VI. In 1818 an English rector, Robert Gradwell, was appointed and started the life of the College anew with a small group of students, including Nicholas Wiseman, who subsequently became rector at the age of 27 (1828) and the first Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster (1850).
The interiors have undergone a series of fresco decorations over the centuries. The initial 18th-century frescoes by Antonio Bicchierai and Giovanni Domenico Piastrini, are nearly vanished except for a few allegorical figures in the apartments of the Cardinals. In 1787, the new Cardinale dei Brevi, Cardinal Romoaldo Braschi-Onesti, had the palaced redecorated by Bernardino Nocchi, which was also nearly lost except for frescoes on the "Myth of Proserpine" in the "Salone Pompeiano" and decoration in the ceiling of the "Studio dei Giudici" depicting charity and the four virtues. The Savoy monarchy had frescoed completed by Domenico Bruschi, Cecrope Barilli and Annibale Brugnoli.
He was ordained as a priest on December 19, 1744. After further studies in Bertinoro and Rome, Gioannetti returned to Bertinoro as its priest. On December 19, 1748, he returned to the monastery at Classe, becoming lector of philosophy. He later served as the theologian of Ferdinando Romoaldo Guiccioli, Archbishop of Ravenna, from June 15, 1753 until 1763. In 1763, he became procurator and economous of the monastery of Classe, later becoming its abbot in 1770. In 1773, he became abbot of the monastery of San Gregorio Magno al Celio in Rome. In this capacity, he served under Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Braschi, the monastery's commendatory abbot, who became Pope Pius VI in February 1775.