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After his release from jail, Roscigna disappeared in 1936.
Miguel Arcángel Roscigna was born in 1891 in Buenos Aires in the family of Italian immigrants.
Miguel Arcángel Roscigna was a blacksmith and a militant Argentine anarchist notable for his activity in Argentine expropriative anarchism.
Miguel Arcángel Roscigna and Andrés Vázquez Paredes, who had collaborated with Buenaventura Durruti and Los Solidarios when they were in Argentina, later executed a series of bombings against United States interests in response to the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti. In this campaign, the notorious Italian expropiator Severino Di Giovanni joined in. Roscigna y Vázquez Paredes alongside Antonio Moretti and Vicente Moretti carried out a robbery on the Rawson Hospital of Buenos Aires in October, 1927, where they obtained the amount of 141.000 pesos. According to historian Oswaldo Bayer, Roscigna, with this money they financed the counterfeiting of argentinian currency.
Expropriative anarchism () is the name given to a practice carried out by certain anarchist affinity groups in Argentina and Spain which involved theft, robbery, scams and counterfeiting currency. The robberies done were called "expropriations on the bourgeoisie". It had its major peak between 1920 and 1935 and some of its most famous practitioners were Buenaventura Durruti, Francisco Ascaso, Severino Di Giovanni, Miguel Arcángel Roscigna, and Lucio Urtubia. It was different from French illegalism because it was not thought of as a way of life but as a way of reaching political ends such as financing revolutionary activities, anarchist propaganda and the release of anarchist prisoners.
It focuses, in particular, on Miguel Arcángel Roscigna who was considered the most intelligent and reflective member of the "expropriating anarchist" movement, as he always had a detailed plan of action before attacking. Correctly or not, the film shows him participating in famous events, such as the assault on Messina Change in Montevideo or escaping the prison of Punta Carretas in 1931 where, 40 years later, the Tupamaro gas attack took place (today, it is a mall.) The film demonstrates how the media of the time printed or broadcast sensational stories about the group's activities, and dogged them. The documentary also shows how internal differences of opinion divided the group, and indeed many of his colleagues did not approve of Roscigna's peaceful activities.