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Rosenboom married Nicola Voss on December 19, 2014.
David Rosenboom, Dean/The Herb Alpert School of Music Calarts
The Dutch author, Thomas Rosenboom, used Petrus Camper as a character in his novel, "Gewassen vlees" (1994).
On 19 July 1810, a foreign Greenland ship with "8 Fish" that "Rover" had detained, arrived at Leith. A week later, "Rover" captured the "Marine Margaretta". In November Commander Justice Finley took command of "Rover". In August "Rover" detained and sent into Leith the Hamburg ship "Rosenboom", which was coming from Greenland. However, the authorities released "Rosenboom" and she sailed for Hamburg.
"De Rosenboom" () was an "achtkantmolen", which stood on the west side of the Rijksweg at . The mill was demolished in 1862 as it lay on the route of the railway that was being built between Leeuwarden and Groningen. The mill was moved to Hantum, where it was known as "De Rosenboom". On 1 March 1949, the cap and sails were blown off the mill. In 1958, the smock was placed on the ground and used as a garage and store. It was demolished in 1970. A millstone from "De Rosenboom" is preserved in "De Hoop", Holwerd.
In the 1970s, David Rosenboom used EEG based devices to enable performers to create sound and music with their brain waves.
In 2004 Rosenboom wrote the Boekenweekgeschenk, "Spitzen". He has taught at the University of Michigan, and has given classes in prose fiction writing in Amsterdam.
Matthew studied experimental sound at CalArts. Teachers include: David Rosenboom (composition, biofeedback systems), Ajay Kapur (programming, robotics), Mark Trayle (Max/MSP, interface design), Ulrich Krieger (composition, ritual methods), Morton Subotnick (composition), and visiting artist Trimpin (robotics). He developed an interactive microphone enabling a performer to control audio/video elements with gestural movements. While studying with David Rosenboom Matthew developed a musical electroencephalograph biofeedback system. This technology has been used for a ritual suspension with Louis Fleischauer (AMF) in France, Japan, and the USA.
She holds a B.M. degree in voice from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, a B.A. in linguistics from Oberlin College, and an M.F.A. in electronic music from Mills College, where she studied with Pauline Oliveros and David Rosenboom.
In 1979, he received his B.F.A. from York University, Toronto, where he studied composition with James Tenney, electronic music with Richard Teitelbaum and David Rosenboom, improvisation with Casey Sokol, and Carnatic music with Jon B. Higgins and Trichy Sankaran.
Templeton is a member of The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet, playing alto saxophone on the 2014 jazz-metal album "Fire Keeper", and on Rosenboom's 2015 "Astral Transference" as part of the octet. He played woodwinds as part of a 22-piece chamber ensemble on the 2015 album "Three Kids Music" by Gurrisonic Orchestra, and has also collaborated with guitarist Nels Cline, woodwind player Vinny Golia, big band leader Alan Ferber, Charlie Haden, Wayne Shorter and Joe LaBarbera. Templeton performed as a featured artist at the 2014 Angel City Jazz Festival, and with the Daniel Rosenboom Quintet at the 2014 Monterey Jazz Festival.
Thomas Rosenboom (born 8 January 1956 in Doetinchem), is a Dutch author of novels and short stories. His novels "Gewassen vlees" and "Publieke werken" won him the Libris Prize in 1995 and 2000; he is the only author to have won it twice.
Vida has collaborated with artists such as; Elton John, MV & EE, Anaïs Croze, Kevin Blechdom, Oni Ayhun, Tim Exile, Anri Sala, James Tenney, David Rosenboom, Sonny Simmons, Cecil Taylor, Lee Ranaldo, Heatsick, Jim O'Rourke, Dean Roberts, Tony Buck, Hildur Gudnadottir, Jimmy Edgar, Chilly Gonzales, Mocky, Tyshawn Sorey, Susie Ibarra, Guillermo E. Brown, and many others.
Alumni include Adrian Belew, Neely Bruce, Herbert Brün, Mary Ellen Childs, Insook Choi, Donnacha Dennehy, Robert Fleisher, Mara Helmuth, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Ben Johnston, Salvatore Martirano, Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom, Carla Scaletti, James Tenney, David Ward-Steinman, David Weinstein, and Olly Wilson. Composers who worked at the center between 1958 and 1975 include John Cage, Michael Colgrass, Kenneth Gaburo, Charles Hamm, and John Melby.
His academic work includes composition studies with Barney Childs at the University of Redlands and Lou Harrison, David Rosenboom, and Larry Polansky at Mills College. He studied percussion with Ron George, William Kraft, William Winant, and Eddie Prévost of AMM. He also studied Javanese Gamelan with Jody Diamond and Widyanto, and wrote several works for the instruments.
The second FOIL was a music generation language for the Touché computer instrument in 1979. The Touché was a keyboard that had digital tone generation and allowed you to program software for performances. The acronym stood for Far Out Instrument Language and was succeeded by MetaFOIL and FOIL-83. The language was developed by David Rosenboom and was based on Forth.
David Rosenboom (born September 9, 1947 in Fairfield, Iowa) is an American composer and a pioneer in the use of neurofeedback, cross-cultural collaborations and compositional algorithms. Working with Don Buchla, he was one of the first composers to use a digital synthesizer.
Larry Polansky (born 1954) is a composer, guitarist, mandolinist, and a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is a founding member and co-director of Frog Peak Music (a composers' collective): . He co-wrote HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language) with Phil Burk and David Rosenboom.
Mark Trayle studied composition at the University of Oregon with Homer Keller, and at Mills College with Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and David Rosenboom. Under Berhman’s tutelage he began building hybrid digital-analog electronics and used those (often with electric guitar and homemade performance interfaces) throughout the 1980s.
Sankaran has also worked in the fields of jazz, electronic music, and free improvisation with the composers David Rosenboom, Richard Teitelbaum, Charlie Haden, Pauline Oliveros, Paul Plimley, the Jazz Orchestra of York University, Anthony Braxton, Dave Brubeck, Glen Velez, Nexus, and World Drums.