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Examples of "rosseels"
Gustave Rosseels was the original second violinist. Later he was replaced by Charles Libove (who subsequently became first violinist with the Beaux-Arts Quartet), and then Stefan Krayk.
Rosseels received an honorary PhD from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1981. She was knighted and became a Baroness in 1988.
Maas happened upon the four Paganini Strads at the shop of Emil Herrmann in New York, and mentioned them to Mrs. Clark, who promptly purchased the fabulous instruments for the Quartet's use. Gustave Rosseels, violin, and Robert Courte, viola, immediately accepted invitations to complete the ensemble, and soon they were heralded as “a great quartet born on American soil.” Temianka referred to it as the "spiritual heir of the Pro Arte Quartet."
Maria, Baroness Rosseels (23 October 1916 – 18 March 2005), also known with her pen name "E. M. Vervliet", was a Belgian Catholic writer. The first years of her life, she lived in the Goedendagstraat in Borgerhout. When Maria was 7 years old, the family moved to Oostmalle, where she already started to write. She went to school at the "Heilig Graf" school for girls in Turnhout.
Temianka founded the Paganini Quartet in 1946. The quartet drew its name from the fact that all four of its instruments, made by Antonio Stradivari (1644–1737), had once been owned by the Italian virtuoso violinist and composer Niccolò Paganini (1782–1840). The other original members were Gustave Rosseels, second violin; Robert Courte, viola; and Robert Maas, cello. Subsequent members included Charles Libove, Stefan Krayk and Harris Goldman, violin; Charles Foidart, David Schwartz and Albert Gillis, viola; and Adolphe Frezin and Lucien Laporte, cello.
He soon returned to Wechelderzande and began painting plein air, both there and in the vicinity of Kalmthout. Many other painters came to the Kempen area seeking inspiration; often living in tent camps and waiting for the desired lighting effects. Together with Isidore Meyers (1836-1917), Théodore Baron, Jacques Rosseels (1828-1912) and Florent Crabeels (1835-1896), he helped found what was known as the "Kalmthoutse School" of painting, also known as the "Grey School" because of their preference for grey and silvery shades. He is also considered to be a member of the "Dendermondse School" and the "Genkse School", because he was active in those areas.