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Examples of "roswitha"
The Roswitha Prize (Ger. "Roswitha-Preis") is the oldest German language prize for literature that is given solely to women.
Roswitha was a 10th-century German canoness, dramatist and poet.
Since 1973 Bad Gandersheim has annually awarded the Roswitha Prize, named for Hrosvitha, to female writers; since 1974 the Roswitha Ring has been awarded at the close of each summer season of the Gandersheimer Domfestspiele to the outstanding actress.
Stark is married to the former Roswitha Stari. They have a son and a daughter.
Schwarzerden’s mayor is Claudia Schneiß, and her deputies are Roswitha Jäger and Heiko Saam.
2014 Roswitha-Preis awarded by the town of Bad Gandersheim for "Panischer Frühling"
The Roswitha-Medal has been given almost yearly since 1973 by the city of Bad Gandersheim.
Roswitha Steiner (born 14 June 1963 in Radstadt, Salzburg) is a former Austrian alpine skier.
He married Eleonore Eibl-Eibesfeldt in 1950. They have two children, Bernolf and Roswitha.
Roswitha is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, containing the following species:
17. Sammlung Roswitha Schild, Solothurn, CH (3 pieces 1995, 1996, 2002)
In 2010 he made his debut as a director in the short film "Sunny and Roswitha".
Classen died on 29 September 2013, aged 85. He was survived by his wife Roswitha and their three sons.
Roswitha Beier (born 22 December 1956 in Riesa) is a German former swimmer who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics.
Lutzerath’s mayor is Günter Welter, and his deputies are Roswitha Lescher, Werner Trasser and Hermann-Josef Kesseler.
She has written several books, including plays, novels and short stories. She won the Roswitha Prize in 2004.
She received a Schiller Memorial Prize in 1974, the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis in 1977, the Andreas Gryphius Prize in 1982, the Roswitha Prize in 1988, the Roswitha Prize in 1988, the Ludwig Mülheims Preis in 1993 and the Niedersächsischer Staatspreis in 1999.
During World War II, Oskar meets Bebra and Roswitha, another dwarf performer in Bebra's successful troupe. Oskar decides to join them, using his glass-shattering voice as part of the act. Oskar and Roswitha have an affair, but she is killed by artillery fire during the Allied invasion of Normandy while on tour.
Two captured men, Gottwald (the queen's escort) and Herbolo (Roswitha's fiance), flee from the house and inform Henry of the event. He is agitated after hearing all the information and vows to attack Brescia in vengeance. Meanwhile in Brescia, Roswitha quickly gains popularity among the menfolk for her beauty and this makes their wives grow jealous of her. The women demand that Roswitha be handed over to them. They attack the pillory. Luigi, the local hangman, is killed during the struggle and Roswitha is led to the public stocks. Before anything happens to her, a nobleman, Alessandro, who knows her true identity and is in love with her, comes to rescue her.
Cadfael visits Aspley Manor. He meets Meriet's family and neighbours: his favoured elder brother, Nigel; Nigel's betrothed, Roswitha Linde, beautiful and flirtatious; Roswitha's twin brother Janyn, an easygoing man and Nigel's best friend; and Leoric's ward Isouda Foriet. Leoric sheds no light on Meriet's choice. Cadfael meets Isouda Foriet outdoors as he returns home. She loves Meriet, and will have him for her own. Her account of Clemence's visit adds useful details. Isouda says Meriet's attachment to Roswitha is a passing fancy. Roswitha loves Nigel. They will marry before Christmas, then live at the manor farther north near Newark that Leoric Aspley holds.