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Examples of "roumell"
Riley had been a partner in the law firm of Riley and Roumell and was also the founder and Honorary Chair of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society. In 1991 she was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame, and the State Bar of Michigan presented Riley with its "Distinguished Public Servant Award" in 2000.
Gasteyer was born in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Mariana Roumell-Gasteyer, an artist, and Phil Gasteyer, a lobbyist who later became the mayor of Corrales, New Mexico. Her maternal grandparents were Romanian and Greek. She graduated from Sidwell Friends School and Northwestern University School of Communication in 1989. While a teenager, she was a talking head on an uncommercial segment ("What is a friend?" Her answer: “Someone you can be weird with.”) of the short-lived PBS show "Powerhouse". During her first year, she lived on the fourth floor of Willard Residential College on campus and majored in voice. She later became a theater major.
In 1965, The Underdogs cut the Hideout label's first single, "Man in the Glass". The flip side was "Judy Be Mine (Friday at the Hideout)", which the Romantics would later re-record in the 1980s. "Man in the Glass" did well enough locally for Hideout to enter into a joint agreement with Reprise Records for mass distribution. However, Reprise put a stop to the single's promotion and circulation when they found out that the lyrics had been taken from an Alcoholics Anonymous poem. In spite of the controversy surrounding "Man in the Glass", Hideout issued a sampler LP later that year featuring both sides of the Underdogs' last single plus two new cuts, "Surprise, Surprise", which had been previously recorded by the Rolling Stones, and "Get Down on Your Knees" written by Bob Seger, along with Dave Leone and band member Dave Whitehouse. In late 1965, Chuck Shermetaro left the band and was replaced by Tony Roumell on lead guitar. In 1966 they released another single "Little Girl" b/w "Don't Pretend", which like their last 45, came out on Hideout first, then Reprise, except that this time there was no controversy to interfere with its distribution. The single did well in the local market but did not catch on nationally. Seger originally wrote "East Side Story" for The Underdogs, but because Hideout was dissatisfied with their version, he proceeded to record it himself with the Heard. In September 1966, Jack Louisell and Steve Perrin left the band because to attend college and the band continued as a four piece outfit.