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Examples of "rouxel"
He was the grandson of Jacques Rouxel de Grancey (1605–1680), also Marshal of France.
Jury: Pierre Schoeller (President), Marianne Basler, Frédérique Bel, Michel Feller, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Diane Rouxel, Karidja Touré
Jacques Eléonor Rouxel, comte de Grancey, comte de Médavy (May 31, 1655 – November 6, 1725) was a Marshal of France.
Jacques Rouxel (26 February 1931 – 25 April 2004), born in Cherbourg, France, was a film animator. He is said to have been on a par with Tex Avery. Rouxel is perhaps best known for his initially controversial animated French TV series "Les Shadoks", which first appeared in 1968.
On 12 June 1685 he married Marie-Thérèse Colbert, a niece of Jean-Baptiste Colbert. They had three daughters, all of whom died before Rouxel.
Charles Rouxel (born 6 April 1948) is a French former professional racing cyclist. He rode in six editions of the Tour de France.
Thomas Rouxel (born 26 May 1991) is a French male badminton player. In 2016, he won silver medal at the European Men's Team Badminton Championships in Kazan, Russia.
The castle was built between 1705 and 1725 by Jacques Eléonor Rouxel de Grancey on the location of a medieval fortress, erected in 1098 by Ponce de Grancey.
Jacques Rouxel is a French production designer. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Art Direction for the film "Cyrano de Bergerac".
Rouxel graduated from the Lycée Français de New York in 1946 and obtained a business degree from the École des Hautes études commerciales.
The Rouxel was a French automobile manufactured from 1899 until 1900. The company produced two models, including a two-speed voiturette with 2½ h.p. Aster engine.
The compound is prepared by Meerschaut and Rouxel via traditional solid state reaction by heating niobium and selenium at 600 to 700 °C:
Les Shadoks is an animated television series created by French cartoonist Jacques Rouxel (26 February 1931 – 25 April 2004) which caused a sensation in France when it was first broadcast in 1968–1974.
Philippe (or Philibert) François Rouxel, viscount de Blanchelande (21 February 1735 in Dijon – 15 April 1793 in guillotined in Paris) was a French general. He was serving as Governor of Saint-Domingue at the start of the Haitian Revolution.
He succeeded Governor General of Saint-Domingue, de Peinier, at the end of 1790. In 1791 the Haitian Revolution. Rouxel led the Royalist forces against the revolt and its leader, Dutty Boukman.
Rouxel claims that the term Shadok obtains some derivation from Captain Haddock of Hergé's "The Adventures of Tintin" and the Gibis (who wear Bowler hats, which unlike their heads, contain their brains) are essentially GBs (Great Britons).
In the Guernsey general election, 2016 there was a 3,774 or 74% turnout to elect six Deputies. Those elected (in order of votes received) being "Matt Fallaize", "Dave Jones", "Mary Lowe", "Laurie Queripel", "Jeremy Smithies" and "Sarah Hansmann Rouxel".
France. Electric: Bouquet, Garcin & Schivre, Monnard; internal-combustion: Allard-Latour, Esculape, La Lorraine, Luc Court, Marot-Gardon, Raouval, Renault (including the first saloon car), Turcat-Méry; light car: Naptholette; voiturette: Andre Py, Cochotte, Populaire, Rouxel; alcohol fuelled: L'Alkolumine
In 1706, in the first Battle of Castiglione a French army under Jacques Eléonor Rouxel de Grancey defeated here a Hessian army led by Frederick I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel.
The Rouxel was a French automobile manufactured from 1899 until 1900. The company produced two models, a De Dion-engined tricycle and a two-speed voiturette with 2½ hp Aster engine.