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Examples of "rqc"
Review Quality Collector (RQC) is a software service that aims to improve the quality of scholarly peer review by providing reviewers with a showable receipt for their work that certifies the quantity and quality of the reviewing they provided. This approach turns peer reviewing into a stronger source of researcher reputation than it currently is.
Horses running in Point-to-Points must be Thoroughbreds, save in the case of Hunt Members races and certain other Club Members races (e.g. Pegasus Club Members race). The owner must be a member, subscriber or farmer of a recognized pack of Hounds and obtain a Hunter Certificate from the Master to that effect. Once this Certificate has been registered with the Point-to-Point Authority (PPA) the horse is also eligible to run in Hunter Chases, i.e. races for similarly qualified horses run under BHA Rules over regulation fences on licensed racecourses. Similarly, potential riders must also obtain a Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) from a Hunt Secretary and register it with the PPA.