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Examples of "ruaidhri_conroy"
Ruaidhri Conroy and Ciarán Fitzgerald (Ireland) - "Into the West"
"The Cripple of Inishmaan" opened on 12 December 1996 at Royal National Theatre (Cottesloe) in London. In April 1998, it opened Off-Broadway at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, again with Ruaidhri Conroy in the title role. In the same year, Frederick Koehler played Billy in Los Angeles.
A dark comedy in which a crippled teenager schemes to attain a role in "Man of Aran". The play opened in 1997 at the Royal National Theatre (Cottesloe) in London. It opened in April 1998 Off-Broadway at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, with Ruaidhri Conroy in the title role on both occasions. Also in 1998, Frederick Koehler played the title role in the Geffen Playhouse production in Los Angeles, California.
In 2006, McDonagh won an Academy Award for his short film "Six Shooter" (2005), which is the playwright's first film. "Six Shooter" is a black comedy that features Brendan Gleeson, Ruaidhri Conroy, David Wilmot and Aisling O'Sullivan, and was shot on location in Wicklow, Waterford and Rosslare. In the short film, Gleeson's character encounters a strange, and possibly psychotic, young man during a homeward train journey following his wife's death.
The isolation and sinister nature of the trenches soon starts to exact a toll on the British. Private Colin Chevasse (Ruaidhri Conroy) is slowly dying from a spinal injury he received during the prologue, and the German radio set they found cuts out after its first legible message, denying them any means to call for support. Angry and fearful of the strange environment, they vent their rage upon the German prisoner, who is abused by everyone except Shakespeare, who becomes disgusted by the behavior, and Chevasse, who is too injured to move. During their first night, Starinski, who has isolated himself in a secluded area of the trench and is masturbating to pornographic images he looted from the German dead, is distracted by strange sounds and led deeper into the trenches, where he finds three German corpses wrapped in barbed wire in a standing position. As he shouts to alert the others of the scene, one of the corpses suddenly comes to life and ambushes him, his screams audible to the others. By the time they reach him, they are too late, with Shakespeare finding Starinski's corpse lashed to the wall of the trench with barbed wire. Suspecting that German troops hiding in the dugouts are responsible, the men violently interrogate the prisoner. Shakespeare manages to translate his ramblings from French, saying that they will turn on each other and that there's "evil" in the trenches.