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Examples of "rujana"
Rujana was born in Beirut, Lebanon, from Syrian-Lebanese parents. From a family of 12 children, they moved to Vegalarga, a town in Huila. There, they hispanicized their names and changed their surnames Rujana Perdomo. Rujana is a graduate of the South Colombian University, where he studied "Licenciatura en Educación Básica, con énfasis en Educación Física, Recreación y Deportes" (Bachelor of Primary Education with emphasis on Physical Education, Recreation and Sports).
Alberto Rujana Perdomo (born 29 March 1955) is a Lebanese Colombian football manager. He was lately the manager of Llaneros F.C. from the Categoría Primera B until October 2013.
Rujana studied around six months in Italy, with teams as AC Milan and Internazionale. The first professional team in which he worked as manager was Atlético Huila, team with which won the 1992 Categoría Primera B season in his first year at the club. On 1999, he becomes manager of Peruvian club Unión Minas. For the 2001, he returns to Colombia, where becomes manager of Real Cartagena, and the next year is hired by Unión Atlético Maracaibo of Venezuela.