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Examples of "rulons"
The series focuses on the battle between the good Valorians and the evil Rulons on prehistoric Earth. The Valorians were a superhuman race, while the Rulons were a mixture of humanoid creatures. Both races came from the future but were transported back in time to the age of dinosaurs. Once on Earth, the Valorians befriended dinosaurs, while the Rulons brainwashed them.
The Valorians were a peaceful race that lived on Valoria until they were attacked by the Rulons. The Valorians attempted to escape from the Rulons' assault using their "Space Time Energy Projector" (S.T.E.P.); however, something went wrong. They were sent back in time, 65 million years to the age of the dinosaurs. Unknown to them, the Rulons in the spaceship "Dreadlock" were also sent back through time when the S.T.E.P. was activated.
After successfully landing on prehistoric Earth, the Valorians, led by Questar, used their AMP necklaces to telepathically communicate with the dinosaurs they encountered and eventually befriended them. On the other hand, the Rulons, led by their leader Emperor Krulos, used brainwashing devices known as brain-boxes to control dinosaurs for their own needs. The Rulons then launched an attack on the Valorians, who called upon their dinosaur friends to assist them in fighting back. After successfully defeating the Rulons, the Valorians declared themselves to be the "Dino-Riders".
Unincorporated communities, localities and place names located partially or completely within the township include Asbury, Dilkes Mills, Lippencott, Porches Mill, Robbins, Rulons and Scull.
The Rulons are a race of aliens that are the enemies of the Valorians and the main antagonists of the series.
The second series of Dino-Rider toys consisted of 7 new Valorian toys and 3 new Rulons, along with eight more 2-figure packs as well as 6 "Commandos". The Commandos consisted of a human figure with unique weapons and accessories.
Dino-Riders was introduced primarily as a promotion to launch a new Tyco toy line. The series told the story of the Valorians, a peaceful race of telepathic humans whose home planet was conquered by the Rulon Empire. 400 survivors escaped on a space ship and time traveled to prehistoric Earth using the experimental Space-Time Energy Projector (also known as the S.T.E.P). But Emperor Krulos and his lead commanders accidentally followed them into the past when a tractor beam locked onto the Valorians' ship during the time jump. Stranded in the past, the two groups recruited the planet's dinosaur population into their struggle. The Valorians used their telepathy for taming dinosaurs to ride and for domestic use. The Rulons captured dinosaurs with 'brain boxes'. These were large metal helmets which fit onto dinosaur's heads and control their brains. Both Valorians and Rulons would often fit dinosaurs with huge arrays of laser and weapon platforms, upon which people could ride, and attack one another. Battles were mostly motivated by the Rulon's desire to steal the S.T.E.P. from the Valorians, and almost always inconclusive, seldom accomplishing more for either side than restoring the status quo from the beginning of the episode.