Synonyms for rumduol or Related words with rumduol

angk              chrey              khpos              trapeang              stueng              samraong              pongro              kouk              ruessei              andoung              trabaek              lvea              boeng              krasang              beung              tnaot              thlok              thnal              sangkae              tbaeng              praek              thmei              damnak              thnong              chhuk              khnar              sambour              damrei              veaeng              sralau              kaeut              tboung              preaek              kakaoh              chambak              kaev              phnum              chrum              sdach              krouch              paoy              totueng              knong              daeum              slaeng              doung              phlov              neang              khsach              chrak             

Examples of "rumduol"
The rumduol (), as it is known in Cambodia, is often planted in gardens and parks as it is valued for its fragrance. The flowers are used to make a scented lip wax called "kramuon rumduol" (). Several regions in Cambodia are named after this flower, such as Romdoul District and Ou Rumduol.
Ou Rumduol is a khum (commune) of Phnum Proek District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.
In a 2005 royal decree by King Sihamoni of Cambodia, the "rumduol" was proclaimed the national flower of Cambodia, however this decree references an invalid synonym for this taxon, "Mitrella mesnyi". The "rumduol" is often referred to as "Popowia aberrans" on botanical signs and as noted by Headley in the Cambodian-English dictionary.
Thai jasmine rice and Cambodian rice share many of the same characteristics and grow mainly in neighboring geographic areas on opposite sides of the northeastern Thai-Cambodian border. Cambodian jasmine rice is cultivated in Cambodia and processed as white (milled and polished) and brown rice. Distinct Cambodian jasmine rice varieties include these three, "phka rumduol", "phka romeat", and "phka rumdeng". Recent DNA fingerprint analysis, carried out with 18 markers, shows that all three varieties possess 18 known fragrance alleles. Two varietals ("phka rumduol" and "phka rumdeng") are distinctly Cambodian with 17 markers in identical positions, with Thai jasmine rice and one fragrance marker each in a different position. The analysis of Cambodian "phka romeat" shows all 18 markers in identical positions with the trademarked Thai jasmine rice Thai "hom mali".